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September 29, 1985 | STEVE LOWERY, Times Staff Writer
Jim Sprague, the Sunny Hills High School water polo coach, is apparently afflicted with the same condition that made life tough for "The Honeymooners" Ralph Kramden. Sprague will tell you. He has a big mouth. But unlike Brooklyn's most famous bus driver, Sprague is happy with the results of his big words.
May 2, 2009
Manipulating in every fashion the most powerful variable in any sport, human officiating, is the design of all competitors. But if these NBA refs don't start calling the obvious Flagrant 2 fouls, like blood-drawing swings to the mouth, it will progress to players' punching jump shooters in the face while simply in the act of shooting. Then claim it is only a "playoff foul," and just a "game-winning" play. Joe Wilson Fullerton
December 9, 2000
Why anyone would contemplate buying a product whose "caveats" are unintelligible is beyond me. I would no more patronize a vendor whose radio ads have a "motor mouth" tag end (completely indecipherable) or a TV ad with fine print at the end flashed in seconds than I would throw money into the street. Have we become so numb that no one complains of this sort of thing? PHIL ISAACS Los Angeles
October 17, 1987
When I tune in to a baseball game, I don't want to see the game sandwiched in between shots of the rival managers chewing sunflower seeds and tobacco and spitting on the dugout floor over and over and over! And then to hear old mush-mouth Tony Kubek spouting statistics endlessly. MATT MILLER Palm Springs
January 17, 1993
While watching the afternoon talk shows where individuals discuss the most intimate and personal events of their lives--things that most of us would be embarrassed to discuss with a clergyman or best friend--I'm reminded of Mark Twain: "It's better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt." Kenneth C. Sisco, Westminster
October 26, 1992
Dear "Jeopardy!" ("Charity Players," Morning Report, Oct. 13): I pass. I need a week off anyway from hurrying home, slapping a supper of sorts on the tray and spending half an hour yelling the right answers with my mouth full to the contestant, especially if he's a member of MENSA. The game's the thing with "Jeopardy!" For a week (with celebrity players), it won't be. FRED SCIFERS Downey
August 18, 1991
Would you like someone with a loud mouth and short temper who plays practical jokes? This unpleasant realization struck us after watching reruns of "Murphy Brown" (CBS). She's also bossy and pushy. Before, we were carried along by the story line. Now we see the character. Now we dislike her, aren't interested in what happens to her and don't intend to watch the show again. Are we the only ones who feel like this? Len and Mari Johnson, Westchester
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