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October 16, 2005 | Ruth Ryon, Times Staff Writer
Remember when Krystle and Alexis fell fully clothed into the fish pond during a catfight? Yup, this is the place. TV's infamously feuding Carringtons "lived" here in the 1980s, scheming and conniving their way through weekly episodes of the then-popular TV series "Dynasty." Linda Evans and Joan Collins were the present and ex-wives of oil tycoon Blake Carrington, portrayed by John Forsythe against the backdrop of what has been forever after dubbed "The Dynasty House."
October 7, 1997 | Steve Harvey
A colleague reports from Denver that a visiting Van Nuys woman went looking for a post office and decided to try the Denver federal building. She was unaware that it was the site of the Terry Nichols-Oklahoma bombing trial. The woman maneuvered around TV trucks, cameras and equipment and scaled a barrier to get inside. There, police stopped her. Didn't she notice all the commotion outside? She explained that she was from L.A., where it's no big deal to walk through movie sets.
July 3, 2009 | Gary Goldstein; Kevin Thomas
A funny thing happens during the ostensibly fizzy French import "The Girl From Monaco": It stops being funny. And fizzy. But that's not such a bad thing since, once this lightweight romantic farce seems to realize it has nowhere particularly unique to go, it digs deeper and turns into a more darkly interesting morality tale.
May 6, 2007 | Mary McNamara, Times Staff Writer
UNDER a high, hot September sky, Disney Studios has clearly surrendered. Deep in the heart of the back lot, all those striding, BlackBerry-monitoring employees give way to denizens of a different sort. Pirates of every hue, hair configuration and state of personal hygiene. Pirates in velvet, silk and leather. Chinese pirates and African pirates, French pirates and Arab pirates, 150 of them all told, some rock star, some scurvy dog.
February 6, 2005 | Don Shirley
Attention, well-heeled amateur actors: Remember the best and worst times you ever spent as part of a theater audience -- and prepare to emote. The producers of the new movie "The Producers," based on Mel Brooks' Tony-winning Broadway musical, are looking for several hundred people willing to pay big bucks to charity for the possibility of a smidgen of screen time.
April 3, 2005 | Rachel Abramowitz, Times Staff Writer
Filming "Sahara," the opening salvo in the Dirk Pitt adventures based on the bestselling novels by Clive Cussler, would have been daunting for the most veteran director. Consider a budget topping $100 million; a demanding, world-famous author with strict script and cast approval who wound up suing the producers; remote locations in Morocco, eight hours from the nearest airport, where the temperature tops out at 130 degrees (you have to carry around water to fight off instant dehydration).
September 10, 2006 | Susan King, Times Staff Writer
THE key to the success of a horror film, says Iwao Saito, production designer for "The Grudge 2," is creating sudden terror in routine circumstances. A surface calm is all-important. "Settings may look normal at a glance," he explains, via translated e-mail, "yet are meant to eventually create horror moments and help the film reach its goal.
August 1, 2004 | Kristin Hohenadel, Special to The Times
On a temperamental morning at the Epsom Downs Racecourse 20 miles south of London, Stephen Fry stands wrapped in all-weather gear. The actor, novelist, screenwriter and first-time director is shooting a windblown picnic scene from "Bright Young Things," his adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's 1930 satirical novel "Vile Bodies."
September 25, 2005 | Bob Pool, Times Staff Writer
Those glancing from their office windows may have figured that Los Angeles' homelessness problem was growing faster than anyone thought. Overnight, a vast homeless encampment popped up at one of downtown's busiest intersections. There were tents, plastic tarps and old shopping carts stuffed with clothing, bottles and cans. They lined all four sides of the intersection of Hill and 4th streets, next to the city's high-rise district.
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