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Movies Finances

August 19, 1999
1. The Sixth Sense (Hollywood) *--* Screens Avg. gross Weekend gross Orange County 35 $11,992 $419,706 National 2,395 $10,758 $25,765,410 *--* 2. Bowfinger (Universal) *--* Screens Avg. gross Weekend gross Orange County 37 $8,615 $318,741 National 2,706 $6,675 $18,062,550 *--* 3. Runaway Bride (Paramount) *--* Screens Avg. gross Weekend gross Orange County 49 $4,404 $215,780 National 3,212 $4,283 $13,756,996 *--* 4. The Blair Witch Project (Artisan) *--* Screens Avg.
February 17, 1999
The report is based on projections of total U.S. box-office gross from a consensus of industry sources and studio financial models. The U.S. returns (about 55% of gross) represent only 20% of a film's final revenue, which includes overseas theatrical, video and TV income. The industry marketing average of $30 million per film is factored into these profit equations, as is the relative strength of specific film genres in foreign markets. Results for the weekend of Feb.
December 28, 1999
"Any Given Sunday" won the weekend box-office race with $13.6 million in ticket sales over three days, but "The Talented Mr. Ripley" appeared to have the stronger opening, grossing $12.7 million over only two days, since it was released on Saturday, Christmas Day, and had one less day of figures to report. "Man on the Moon," which opened Wednesday, made $7.5 million over its first five days, while "Galaxy Quest," which opened Saturday, took in $7 million.
December 14, 1999 | ROBERT W. WELKOS
Movie audiences haven't lost their hankering for Tom Hanks. "Toy Story 2," which features Hanks' voice as the cowboy toy character Woody, grossed $18.2 million to top the weekend box-office chart, barely beating out Hanks' new live-action drama, "The Green Mile," which sold $18 million in tickets. The debut of "The Green Mile" was fairly modest by Hanks' standards. "Saving Private Ryan" grossed $30.6 million on its opening weekend last year, while "Apollo 13" bowed with $25.
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