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July 19, 1996 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
Thursday was the day that camera crews camped en masse outside the Garden Grove home of Ralph Kevorkian, a TWA pilot said to have been in the cockpit of doomed Flight 800. "The drapes are drawn," reported Jason Carroll of KCBS-TV, solemn either because of the occasion or because Kevorkian's wife could not be found and no one else was available to assault. Stations later told of more Southland residents being aboard the doomed flight. Quick, men, to their houses!
July 18, 1996 | Associated Press
Tackling its first major breaking story, the explosion of a TWA jetliner, the 3-day-old MSNBC cable TV channel offered coverage similar to that of veteran Cable News Network. But at times, MSNBC's seams showed. MSNBC began reporting the story at 9:37 p.m. EDT during its regularly scheduled "The News With Brian Williams." The hourlong newscast was extended past 1 a.m. today with Williams remaining in the anchor chair. About 9:45 p.m.
July 17, 1996 | HOWARD ROSENBERG
It's Day Three of cable's MSNBC--the flashy new hybrid of NBC News and Microsoft Corp.--and behold the titans! Bigger even than Bill. Yes, MSNBC did get that trouper, President Clinton, to sit down with Tom Brokaw, cozy close-up to close-up, for its Monday debut. And there was something symbolic here, for starring that night on MSNBC's competitor, CNN, was Clinton's own opponent, GOP presumptive presidential candidate Bob Dole, schmoozing it up with Larry King.
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