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March 1, 1997
Peter Stewart, 41, a muralist who highlighted Southern California communities with his bold images of endangered animals, rain forests and Vietnam veterans. A veteran, Stewart in 1995 directed a dozen homeless veterans in painting a 26,000-square-foot mural on an underpass for the Veterans Administration Medical Center in West Los Angeles.
August 26, 2001
Mural artist Judith Baca proclaims herself a "cultural attack dog" and says she "wants to be useful to the struggle for justice and to these kids who were in such despair" ("The Globe Is Her Canvas," by Agustin Gurza, Aug. 19). She even has the gall to lament the fact that she regrets having to still teach to support her passion for mural painting. Yet she manages to live in a grandiose home on the Venice canal and drive a Mercedes SUV. Does she really think she can be simpatico with the people she claims to want to help, living the kind of lifestyle she does?
December 30, 2001
Although it was devastating for me to learn about the passing of artist Terry Schoonhoven, I would like to compliment Times art critic Christopher Knight on the obituary he wrote (Dec. 23). I think it was a fitting send-off for a great artist. I worked with Terry on several mural projects (including the "St. Charles Painting" in Venice) as a photographer to help him gather visual reference material. Although it was several years ago that I last spoke with him, I was always aware of his work through articles in the newspapers or through information from mutual friends and artists.
December 16, 1997 | SYLVIA L. OLIANDE
Hovering over a group of student artists working on a mural in the hallway of the Taft High School administration building, art teacher Kathi Martin gave them pointers about shading and color and made a rare comment about content. "Are you sure you want to put 'South Park' there?" she asked project captain Zad Potter as he painted the cable show's cartoon characters who have replaced Beavis and Butt-head as coolest among teens.
January 14, 1997
Montebello has an 850-foot stretch of sound wall and a story to tell. Now city officials are looking for one or more artists to paint four murals along South Vail Avenue, where construction crews are working on a new Metrolink station. Each mural is to measure 30 feet by 10 feet, and each must depict an aspect of the city's history, Assistant City Manager Mario Guerra said. One idea, he said, is to highlight Montebello's past glory as a haven for rose growers.
April 11, 2014 | By Deborah Vankin
Some of the most colorful art at Coachella this year will be on view outside the music and arts festival. An ambitious public mural project, the first “Coachella Walls,” is underway in downtown Coachella's Pueblo Viejo District. The project, which brings together about a dozen muralists and contemporary artists internationally, has no formal connection to the concurrent, Goldenvoice-produced Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, happening this and next weekends.  Billed as an “arts driven community revitalization project,” “Coachella Walls” was organized by the Coachella-based Date Farmers Art Studios, a.k.a., the artists Armando Lerma and Carlos Ramirez, who grew up in the area and now show their work at Ace Gallery in Los Angeles.
April 19, 1992
Judy Baca, a muralist with extensive background in public art, has been chosen to create an art project at Baldwin Park's commuter rail station. An associate professor at UC Irvine, Baca is the director of "The Great Wall of Los Angeles," the world's largest mural, in the Tujunga Wash flood control channel. Baca was chosen Wednesday from a field of 25 artists.
September 15, 1995
The side of a building in Venice may not be a high-priced art gallery. But, for a public artist, it's not bad exposure. Ask muralist Rip Cronk. Cronk, whose nine public paintings adorn buildings and walls across Venice, received the Venice Boardwalk Community Service Award on Thursday. Cronk's best-known work includes "Venice Reconstituted" and "Venice on the Halfshell"--both parodies of Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus." The Venice Boardwalk Assn.
February 15, 1986
Jean Goodwin Ames, a retired professor of art at both Claremont Graduate School and Scripps College and a muralist and painter whose work has been displayed at many Southland institutions, died Wednesday at her home in Claremont. She was 82 and taught at Claremont from 1940 until her retirement in 1962. The first of her many murals was commissioned by USC and placed on the lobby wall of the USC Science Building in 1937.
April 6, 1999
A memorial service for artist Tim Fields will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Blvd. Fields, who died March 9, was known as the "Boulevard da Vinci" for a series of celebrity portraits he painted along Hollywood Boulevard in the 1980s. He also worked with children to create more than 50 murals around the city.
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