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April 15, 2003 | From the Washington Post
Muslim employees of the Department of Defense are protesting plans for the Rev. Franklin Graham, who has called Islam an evil religion, to perform Good Friday prayers at the Pentagon. In letters to the Pentagon chaplain's office, Muslim office workers said they were dismayed by the choice of Graham and urged officials to find "a more inclusive and honorable Christian clergyman" to lead Friday's service.
December 13, 1994
Heads of state and foreign ministers from 51 Muslim nations around the world will convene today and Wednesday in this Moroccan city for the seventh annual Islamic summit. The deteriorating situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina is likely to head the agenda as members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference debate what role the Muslim world can play in aiding the Muslim-led Bosnian government in the immediate future.
September 15, 2012 | By Rebecca Keegan, John Horn and Richard Verrier, Los Angeles Times
Last summer, Tim Dax answered an ad on a casting website to costar in what was described as a desert adventure film. This week, the Los Angeles actor learned that his work on the low-budget "Desert Warrior" had turned into the inflammatory 14-minute trailer for "Innocence of Muslims. " Dax and his "Desert Warrior" costars are at the center of violent outbursts across the Middle East after their work was repurposed into an anti-Muslim movie that caught the world's attention after it appeared in an Arabic-language version on YouTube.
April 7, 2007
Re "An interpreter of Islam roams Big Sky State with a message," April 1 I applaud the retired Foreign Service officer's efforts to better inform Americans about the nature and beliefs of Islam. However, since 9/11 the voices we should have been hearing were those of the holy leaders of Muslims who eschew violence and the killing of innocents. Such voices united, regularly and forcefully proclaiming this credo, could well over time convince many potential terrorist recruits that it is impermissible for their religion to be the basis of suicide bombings and similar fanatical acts.
June 30, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
President Bush apologized for the Secret Service's asking a member of a group of Muslims who came to a White House meeting Thursday to leave, prompting the others to walk out. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said Bush was angry about the incident, calling it a mistake by the Secret Service and "wrong and inappropriate." The Muslim leaders, who were at the Old Executive Office Building for a meeting with Rev.
August 11, 1990 | From a Times staff writer
The Islamic Center of Southern California condemned the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait this week as "alien" to Muslim principles. Dr. Maher Hathout, spokesman for the center, said Iraq may couch its goals in religious language but "there is no Islam in that mess. The Islamic stand, as stated in the Koran, is quite clear that disputes should not be solved by violence."
December 30, 2004 | From Associated Press
An Islamic civil rights group accused U.S. border agents Wednesday of religious profiling after dozens of American Muslims were searched, fingerprinted and photographed on return from a religious conference in Toronto. Some of those stopped said they were held at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge for six hours or more with no explanation.
September 19, 2001
The actions of Muslim terrorists are no more representative of the majority of Muslim people than the actions of Timothy McVeigh were representative of the majority of patriotic Americans. Targeting all Muslims and Arabs for blame is about as smart and effective as it would have been to "hunt down and punish" all white American males after the Oklahoma City bombing. Too many of us keep referring to the Palestinians who were dancing in the streets. Have we already forgotten the Gulf War and how many of us were celebrating those bombings?
December 19, 2011 | By Kim Geiger
Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann fired back Monday after rival Ron Paul told late-night TV host Jay Leno that the Minnesota congresswoman “hates Muslims.” “I don't hate Muslims,” Bachmann said Monday. “I love Americans and want to make sure that as commander in chief, I will keep America free, safe and sovereign.” Paul, a Texas congressman whose isolationist views on foreign policy have set him apart from the rest of the GOP contenders, has argued against engaging Iran over its suspected nuclear weapons program and has opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
January 1, 2011 | By Nomi Morris
For the first 15 years of his working life, Naim Shah Jr. was the personal assistant to the imam at Masjid Ibadallah, a mosque in Los Angeles. He helped with Friday sermons and religious classes and dealt primarily with his Muslim congregants. But for the last six months, Shah has worked with Christian and Jewish activists across the city, drumming up support for the "responsible banking" ordinance, a law that would spur banks that do business with the city of Los Angeles to modify mortgages, increase loans to small businesses and invest in their neighborhoods.
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