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June 17, 1987 | JOHN BURGESS, Washington Post
"We'd better play it safe," thought the sponsors of a pro baseball game in Nagasaki last month. "Buy some insurance. It's only 50 feet from the outfield fence to where the old folks play croquet. Who knows but what a ball or two will crack some skulls out there?" Any Japanese would have had such worries. Bob (Red Devil) Horner, former Atlanta Brave third baseman, was coming to town. He sent one ball over the fence in his debut in Japanese pro ball May 5. Three more followed in his second game.
April 24, 1995 | Associated Press
The outspoken mayor of Nagasaki, who survived a 1990 rightist shooting after saying Emperor Hirohito bore some responsibility for World War II, was among 17 mayors unseated Sunday in local elections across Japan. Nagasaki voters ousted Hitoshi Motoshima, 73, in favor of 49-year-old Icho Itoh as voters nationwide chose 86 mayors and hundreds of local executives and assemblies.
July 29, 1990 | JAMES O'REILLY
Nagasaki, the Japanese seaport that was nearly destroyed by an atomic bomb on Aug. 9, 1945, will celebrate its rich history with Nagasaki Journey Exposition 1990, a citywide event beginning Friday and continuing through Nov. 4. The main expo site will be Matsugae, a wharf that serves as a major international port.
Jonathan Parfrey knows that the debate over the atomic bomb is far from over. Fifty years after the United States dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki--resulting in Japan's surrender and the end of World War II--the subject is still painful for many. "The issue still has a mythic hold on Americans, which keeps it alive," says Parfrey, executive director of the Santa Monica-based activist organization Physicians for Social Responsibility.
June 9, 2009 | Associated Press
Charles Donald Albury, copilot of the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan, during World War II, has died. He was 88. Albury died May 23 at a hospital in Orlando, Fla., after years of congestive heart failure. Family Funeral Care in Orlando confirmed his death. Albury helped fly the B-29 Superfortress, nicknamed Bockscar, that dropped the bomb on Aug. 9, 1945.
August 5, 2005 | Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, KAI BIRD and MARTIN J. SHERWIN are coauthors of "American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer," published earlier this year by Knopf.
SIXTY YEARS ago tomorrow, an atomic bomb was dropped without warning on the center of the Japanese city of Hiroshima. One hundred and forty thousand people were killed, more than 95% of them women and children and other noncombatants. At least half of the victims died of radiation poisoning over the next few months. Three days after Hiroshima was obliterated, the city of Nagasaki suffered a similar fate. The magnitude of death was enormous, but on Aug.
March 12, 1989 | From Associated Press
A man was sentenced to seven months in prison for threatening to kill Nagasaki's mayor after the official said the late Emperor Hirohito bore some responsibility for World War II. Nagasaki District Court officials said Masato Saito, 26, was sentenced Thursday. He was arrested Jan. 5 after he broke into City Hall, armed with a knife, in an attempt to force Mayor Hitoshi Motoshima to retract his statement on the emperor's war responsibility.
February 9, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
A member of a right-wing group was charged today with attempted murder in the shooting last month of the mayor of Nagasaki, prosecutors said. The victim, Hitoshi Motoshima, had received death threats for more than a year after saying that the late Emperor Hirohito bore some responsibility for Japan's involvement in World War II. Police said Kazumi Tajiri, 40, told investigators he "couldn't condone" the mayor's comments about Hirohito and intended to punish Motoshima, not kill him.
January 18, 1990 | From Associated Press
Nagasaki Mayor Hitoshi Motoshima, who has received death threats since he said the late Emperor Hirohito bore some responsibility for World War II, was shot today outside city hall, a Nagasaki official said. Nagasaki prefectural (state) police spokesman Hiroharu Naoe said a single gunman shot Motoshima, hitting the mayor in the left side of his chest, then fled in a white sedan. Police were searching for him, Naoe said.
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