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Names Orange County

July 22, 1989 | JEFFREY A. PERLMAN, Times Urban Affairs Writer
Orange County real estate firms wasted no time Friday in offering their services to Vice President Dan Quayle after The Times disclosed that the Quayles may buy a vacation home in the area. Quayle press secretary David Beckwith said the vice president's office in Washington received "more than a few calls" from real estate firms throughout the state, including several from Orange County. "It was the big real estate chains," he said.
March 25, 1996 | GREG MILLER, TIMES STAFF WRITER; Greg Miller covers high technology for The Times. He can be reached at (714) 966-7830 and at
The computer industry is littered with companies that go by vague, "concept" names. The Orange County roster, for instance, includes Pinnacle, Platinum and Printrak, Cerplex and Compex, NetSoft and Sunsoft. That is why it was not surprising, although some might say disappointing, that one local company with a rather colorful name--American Turnkey--suddenly decided to start calling itself Optum Software.
April 11, 1995
As Anaheim grew in the late 19th Century, leaders looked for a nearby port to facilitate commerce. They settled on Anaheim Landing, between Seal Beach and Sunset Beach at the mouth of Anaheim Bay. At its zenith in the 1860s, the landing included warehouses and a wharf where a variety of products from wine to wool were shipped, according to the book "Historic Place Names of Orange County."
March 8, 1992
The Feb. 23 letter titled "Another Sign of Ignorance" is itself a sign of ignorance of Orange County history. I am not familiar with the street sign under criticism, but it must have some relationship to Moro Canyon, also spelled with one r and part of the original Irvine Ranch. The old-timers in Orange County know the canyon by its original spelling, and I believe it is so listed today. The WPA reports of the '30s used the Moro spelling (see the "Centennial Bibliography of Orange County, California")
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