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Nancy Silverton

September 23, 2009 | Andrea Chang; Patrick Comiskey; Krista Simmons
Nancy Silverton and Mario Batali's Mozza restaurants have been a huge hit in Los Angeles, and now the duo hopes the concept will have the same success overseas -- and possibly in Orange County. In a recent interview, Batali said he and Silverton, with business partner Joe Bastianich, would open a Pizzeria Mozza and Osteria Mozza in Singapore early next year. The Crocs-wearing chef said he hoped the restaurants, which will serve "simple seafood and pastas," would be "a good crossover hit."
August 31, 2005 | Emily Green, Times Staff Writer
A word of advice. Never use the phrase "just a burger" with Nancy Silverton. I did and was promptly challenged on every aspect of burger-making, starting with where to buy the meat, what grind, size of patty, how to cook it, what to serve with it, what pickle, what bun, what ketchup, what mayonnaise, what mustard, what cheese, how thick to slice the avocado, what bacon, what smoke on the bacon, what occasion.
January 26, 2005 | David Shaw, Times Staff Writer
Wow, talk about your matches made in culinary heaven. Cucina paradiso is coming to Los Angeles. Nancy Silverton -- pastry chef extraordinaire, founder of La Brea Bakery, the woman who single-handedly brought great bread to Los Angeles and, until this month, was co-owner of Campanile restaurant -- is joining forces with Mario Batali -- pony-tailed Molto Mario of New York's Babbo, Esca, Lupa and Otto's (among others) -- to create a new Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. Silverton is scouting locations, and Batali says he hopes the restaurant will be open "by the end of the summer" -- which may prove ridiculously optimistic.
December 22, 2012 | By Nancy Silverton and Carolynn Carreño
One of the things that keeps me excited about what I do is that I am always learning. When I was making puff pastry not long ago, someone asked me why I made a tic-tac-toe-like slash in the process of making the dough. I had been slashing puff pastry dough, and having my chefs do it, for 30 years, or for as long as I'd been making puff pastry, and yet I had no idea why. I was thinking about this during a drive down to Pizzeria Mozza in Newport Beach. Then, just when I got out of the car, like magic, there was the renowned French baker Claude Koeberle.
Cook" and "chef" are four-letter words that both start with C. Otherwise, they're different species. Guess which one describes Nancy Silverton. She reads cookbooks as if they were novels, and when she brings dessert to a dinner party, she carries her own ice cream maker--hand-cranked, no less. Her husband says she has the gastronomic equivalent of perfect pitch.
March 23, 2005 | Emily Green, Times Staff Writer
If Harrods food hall were burning and I could grab only one thing before I ran from the store that has everything, it would be butter. Not milk, not cream, not Somerset Cheddar, not Normandy Brie. Not one of those holds a candle to butter. No other food has anything close to butter's concentrated goodness of clover, alfalfa, rye, dandelions and grass. Butter has the taste of a flower, but rich. The first bite in spring is like you've rolled down a grassy slope on a sunny day, eating cake.
October 13, 2011
Los Angeles Food & Wine, a new annual festival featuring top chefs and in-demand restaurants, debuts this weekend at L.A. Live (and various locations around the city), featuring more than 100 celebrity chefs who will take part in demos, seminars, lunches, dinners and after-hours events, with tastings from more than 300 wineries. Participants include Wolfgang Puck, Sang Yoon, Nancy Silverton, Tom Colicchio and many more. Locations and times vary. Tuesday through Sunday. Tickets to events range from $50 to $2,000.
February 7, 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed S. Irene Virbila's review of Mozza ["Hot Spot? Mozza Is on Fire," Jan. 31]. We've had similar tastes in Italian cooking in L.A. going back to Alto Palato and continuing through Angelini Osteria, etc. So I was pleased to see she gave Mozza three stars. I shared lunch with a friend there last week and I have to say that Nancy Silverton is the undisputed "Queen of Dough." BILL TIERNEY Hermosa Beach
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