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November 25, 2001 | EDWARD W. LEMPINEN, NEWSDAY
The first tower at the World Trade Center had just collapsed and the other was still burning and, in the whirlwind of crisis, John O'Shaughnessy was summoned from his job at the Nassau County, N. Y., jail into active duty with the U. S. Coast Guard. Even after 15 years in the Coast Guard Reserve, O'Shaughnessy had never expected his life to be interrupted in this way, but then, who could have foreseen the Sept. 11 attacks?
October 25, 2012 | Staff and wire reports
The New York Islanders finally have a new home and it's in Brooklyn, the borough that is suddenly a hotbed of pro sports 55 years after baseball's Dodgers headed west. After seven months of negotiations, and offers to move the team out of New York, owner Charles Wang announced that the Islanders will relocate about 25 miles west once their lease expires at Nassau Coliseum after the 2014-15 season. Since the day the Islanders entered the NHL in 1972, the Coliseum in Uniondale has been the place for them.
October 17, 1999 | LUCRETIA BINGHAM, Lucretia Bingham is a Los Angeles freelance writer
Without explanation, the captain whirled the snorkeling boat sharply to the left, then laconically called, "Better get your flippers on fast!" I did. "Jump," he said. I did, and landed in about 30 feet of translucent water. I jammed my mask onto my face and peeked below. Nine steel-gray, torpedo-shaped bodies hung in the water just in front of and below me. Two of them had babies swimming close to their bellies. My heart raced.
Culminating a bizarre trial, a jury on Friday found Colin Ferguson guilty of murder in the December 1993 massacre on a Long Island Rail Road train in which six commuters were shot to death and 19 others were wounded. Ferguson, who acted as his own counsel and pleaded innocent over the strenuous objections of his lawyers who wanted an insanity defense, stood passively as repeated guilty counts of murder and attempted murder were read. He now faces a possible maximum sentence of life in prison.
The interview is going badly. After only five minutes, Sen. Alfonse D'Amato (R-N.Y.) already wants to kick a reporter out of his office. He doesn't like the questions, and he sure as hell won't talk about ethics. His own, to be precise. It's a sore subject for a public official whose honesty and integrity have been repeatedly called into question over the years. Now that he's written an autobiography telling his side of the story, D'Amato says, there's no need to rehash the details of his $225,000 book deal.
October 16, 2012 | By Michael A. Memoli
WASHINGTON -- New York is not a swing state. It's true blue, has been since 1984. And yet, the only one of the three presidential debates to feature questions from voters is to be held there this evening. But there are swing voters there, and the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has again partnered with polling mainstay Gallup to identify a group of 80 individuals from the area around Hofstra University to pose questions of President Obama and Mitt Romney. Gallup says it's using its standard telephone survey methods to choose individuals who have no presidential candidate preference or those who say they have a tentative favorite but could change their minds.
February 18, 2005 | From a Times Staff Writer
Actor Brian Kelly, who starred as Porter Ricks in the popular 1960s' NBC television series "Flipper," has died. He was 73. Kelly died Saturday of pneumonia in Voorhees, N.J., according to a family friend. Kelly was born Feb. 14, 1931, in Detroit, the son of Harry F. Kelly, who later served as governor of Michigan and as a justice on the Michigan Supreme Court.
September 29, 2001 | From Times Wire Reports
Scam artists, collecting names of people pictured on hundreds of posters plastered on telephone poles in Manhattan or Web sites and newspapers since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, may be using them to call victims' families to ask for personal information in an identity theft scheme, Nassau County officials warned Friday. At least five families have been targeted in Nassau, police said.
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