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July 19, 2006 | From the Associated Press
The National Enquirer apologized to Britney Spears in its British edition Tuesday for reporting that she was ready to divorce Kevin Federline. The articles were published June 5 and June 12 under the headlines, "Britney Marriage Is Over!" and "Britney and Kevin: And Now Their Divorce!" Both stories were vaguely sourced to unidentified friends of the couple. The retraction and apology said National Enquirer officials "now accept that their marriage is not over and they are not getting divorced.
September 10, 2006 | Milt Policzer
From Stephanie Stevens vs. Matt LeBlanc in Los Angeles County Superior Court: Defendant "did intentionally slander the Plaintiff" by making false statements, which he knew would be printed in the National Enquirer, about her being sexually aggressive at work. "In truth and fact," she "never engaged in sexual debauchery at her place of employment . . . All sexual contact between the Defendant and the Plaintiff took place in the privacy of the Plaintiff's residence."
May 20, 2008 | Andrew Blankstein, Times Staff Writer
It didn't start with Farrah Fawcett's medical records landing in the National Enquirer or recent reports on a celebrity website that actor Patrick Swayze was near death. For decades, the tabloids have made a cottage industry of star ailments -- whether Dean Martin's declining health, Rock Hudson's AIDS diagnosis or Bob Hope's final years in and out of hospitals. "Bob Hope Says Last Goodbye," the Star reported months before the entertainer actually died. "While Doctors Battle to Save Her Life . . . Liz Boozes It Up In Hospital," screamed a famous National Enquirer headline from the 1990s.
April 18, 2007 | From Reuters
Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez and her salsa star husband Marc Anthony launched a chain of European libel actions on Tuesday against the National Enquirer over drug scandal allegations. Belfast-based lawyer Paul Tweed, who specializes in fighting U.S. libel cases in European courts, said he had filed a lawsuit with the Belfast High Court on Tuesday and would be doing the same in other jurisdictions.
October 25, 1992
I have been a Los Angeles Times reader for the last 20 years and a subscriber for the last eight, but your coverage of this Mudd case verges on that of the National Enquirer. You've crossed the line just as much as television does for the ratings week. Are there ratings for newspapers? Anyway, I still love you. MARY ANDERSON HARRIS, Burbank
August 18, 1996
What possible excuse could there be for mentioning the arrest of Hugh Grant in the "Hot Property" column of July 28? What does that have to do with his leasing a house? It would seem the National Enquirer and other papers of that ilk have covered that story; it's time to drop it and let Grant get on with his life. MRS. WILLIAM L. THOMPSON Manhattan Beach
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