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National Rifle Assn

June 22, 1994
I pose this question to National Rifle Assn. members and their supporters: If you could save one child's life, would you give up your guns? ROBERT L. FOX Los Angeles
December 15, 1991
People say "guns kill people." The National Rifle Assn. says "people kill people." Isn't it time for people to kill guns? JOHN ALEXANDERS San Diego
December 14, 2012 | By Dan Turner
If there's been another tragic mass shooting, there must be pundits all over the mediasphere ranting for or against tighter controls on guns. The arguments follow a predictable course: Advocates point out that gun violence in the United States, presumably because of its laws granting easy access to firearms, is far more common than in more restrictive countries, particularly in Europe. Opponents fire back that criminals will break the law to obtain guns if they want them -- after all, they're criminals, who feel no apparent remorse about mass slaughter.
June 17, 1993
The decision by the city of Torrance to close the basketball court at Columbia Regional Park because of gunfire has sent the National Rifle Assn. scrambling to revise its position to read: "Guns don't kill people, people don't kill people, BASKETBALL COURTS KILL PEOPLE." ALAN GUTTMAN Gardena
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