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Natural Order

September 20, 1998 | MARLENE ADLER MARKS, Marlene Adler Marks is senior columnist for the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles. Her new book, "A Woman's Voice: Reflections on Love, Death, Faith, Food & Family Life," will be published this fall by On the Way Press
For a man who has not slept more than a few hours at a time in some 50 years, Rabbi Harold M. Schulweis appears incredibly wide awake. Here it is 8 p.m. on a Wednesday and this famous insomniac, fresh from the 15-minute catnap he allows himself most afternoons, can't wait to go on. A crowd nearing 500 fills the wide, bright corridor outside the sanctuary at Valley Beth Shalom, the Encino synagogue Schulweis has led for 28 years.
December 1, 1992
Simple economics tells us that if you spend more than you receive, you will have problems, and if you keep spending more than you receive, the problems will be exacerbated. The solution to these problems cannot be more of the same. It's this line of thought that produces status barriers, making us look at one another with envy, coveting what our neighbor has, rather than making us realize that we all have the same opportunities our neighbor does. If we (the "poor" and "middle class")
March 10, 1999
INVESTMENT Author Harry S. Dent discusses investment strategies. Tonight. The Olympic Collection, L.A. (310) 789-5528. WORKSHOP Join Jerome Cleary's comedy class at Artists Studio in West Hollywood, Sunday, Tuesday through Thursday. (310) 364-4500. TOUR The Venice Historical Society conducts a Historic Walking Tour Saturday, beginning at the Venice Canals. (310) 676-0020. DESIGN Expert Carol Assa discusses feng shui and the natural order of things. Thursday, Borders Books, Torrance.
September 28, 1986 | RICK GREENBERG, Greenberg lives in Bethesda, Md
"You on vacation?" my neighbor asked. My 15-month-old son and I were passing her yard on our daily hike through the neighborhood. It was a weekday afternoon and I was the only working-age male in sight. "I'm, uh . . . working out of my house now," I told her. Thus was born my favorite euphemism for house fatherhood, one of those new life-style occupations that is never merely mentioned. Explained, yes. Defended. Even rhapsodized about. Or in my case, fibbed about.
November 16, 2009
Re "For many ill with the flu, staying home is no option," Nov. 13 Ah, the joys of the "let the marketplace take care of itself" school of government. About 22 million Americans are suffering with the H1N1 virus, and one-third of the nation's workers don't have paid sick days. In other words, the sick must come to work or lose pay and be disciplined. Thus we have a nice "How to Spread the Flu 101" program in place. Of course, we would not want any government regulation inhibiting the spread of this deadly disease.
February 7, 2014 | By John Horn
MOUNTAIN PINE RIDGE FOREST RESERVE, Belize - As Hummingbird Highway carves away from Belize's resort-laden sands, pavement dissolves into rutted dirt tracks and the dense jungle canopy starts to press in from all sides. The tallest buildings pushing through the foliage are Maya ruins, and howler monkeys and macaws lurk in the ceiba trees. Late at night, distant thunderstorms ring the horizon, broad sheets of lightning illuminating the mountains. Before I brought my family to Belize for 10 days last summer, I packed a copy of "Heart of Darkness," knowing that although traveling through Central America wouldn't precisely parallel a trip up the Congo River, Joseph Conrad's novel would remind me that the book was the indirect inspiration for our itinerary.
August 18, 1993 | JEFF MEYERS
Students returning to Buena High School this fall will notice that a giant cover-up has taken place. Where once was a 5,000-square-foot mural of a beach scene is now a blank wall painted off-white. Running the length of the gym wall and towering over the main quad, the mural was a campus landmark for nearly a decade. But even though it was protected with anti-graffiti sealer used on New York subways, the mural fell victim to graffiti taggers and the elements.
May 5, 1990
Hats off to curator Norman Lloyd, whose intelligent curating would attempt to educate and revise the rigid images of a public that may in any event continue down the "heroic" road to cultural destitution. Board chairwoman Beverly Gunter's obtuse reading of the Lennon - Ono image is typical of those who reactively and unwisely attempt to remove from the public view anything that makes them uncomfortable or challenges their assumptions about the natural order of things. Lennon's respect for woman is profoundly heroic--that's what makes the photograph so extraordinary, and what makes him a hero.
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