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June 25, 2004 | Robert Barr, Associated Press
"Ariadne auf Naxos" has returned to the Royal Opera House on a wave of hype about a little black dress and a generously proportioned soprano. Critics writing in Thursday newspapers generally cheered the new revival of the Richard Strauss opera, though some had doubts about the performance of Anne Schwanewilms.
September 5, 2004 | Donna Perlmutter, Special to The Times
"It was right in this room," William Friedkin says, easing himself into a wing chair and waving an arm about the elegantly comfy wood-paneled study in his brick Tudor Bel-Air manse. "Placido and Edgar stopped by and gave me their offer: 'What do you think of doing "Ariadne auf Naxos"?'
June 6, 1999 | DON HECKMAN
Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis: music icons of the first order, their influence still resonating throughout the jazz world. In the case of Ellington, of course, the echoes have been ringing all year in this 100th anniversary of his birth. And nowhere more powerfully than at Lincoln Center, where Wynton Marsalis is stewarding an expansive array of Ellington celebrations. So then how did "Marsalis Plays Monk" sneak into the Marsalis record release schedule?
March 10, 1988
At its monthly meeting Monday, the Cudahy City Council scheduled a public hearing April 4 on the possible transfer of a casino license from Tanlo Inc. to the Silver Saddle Casino. Tanlo and a corporation called Naxos Inc. share ownership of the Silver Saddle Casino. Naxos requested the transfer in October, 1987. The city first granted Tanlo a license in March, 1983, and the casino opened with five tables from February through June, 1986.
April 14, 1988
The Cudahy City Council is expected to vote April 21 on the transfer of a casino license. The matter was held over from the last council meeting to allow extra time for lawyers for the city and the prospective casino owner, Naxos Inc., to clarify details in the license agreement.
October 25, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Two Supreme Court justices are taking theatrics out of the courtroom and into a more suitable venue. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Antonin Scalia had nonspeaking roles in Saturday night's production by the Washington National Opera. They were to remain on stage for nearly 90 minutes during the opening of Richard Strauss' "Ariadne auf Naxos."
September 18, 2005 | Chris Pasles
THE Naxos record label has joined politicians, talk radio hosts and broadcast evangelists in reaching out to people through podcasts -- audio programs that can be pulled off the Internet and downloaded onto an iPod for listening to at one's leisure. The label has five free mini-documentaries on classical music already available, and more are on the way. "They're not really sales pieces," says Naxos spokesman Raymond Bisha, who writes, narrates and produces the 'casts.
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