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December 8, 1991
Congratulations to NBC for keeping "Reasonable Doubts" on for a full season. It is one of the best dramas I've seen, and the actors are wonderful: Marlee Matlin is excellent and Mark Harmon is at his best. The show has great writing and plenty of action. Renee Short, Inglewood Commercial Break Needed
May 18, 1991
Howard Rosenberg missed one important detail May 1 in his brutal criticism of NBC's "Expose" segment on Sen. Charles S. Robb (D-Va.), which insinuated adultery by Robb and Mafia-like intimidation by the senator's associates. In the week's ratings, the show tied for 78th place with "TV Bloopers & Practical Jokes." Enough said. PETER MUSURLIAN Glendale
May 30, 1993
I think it was highly insensitive of NBC to have broadcast the May 6 episode of "Cheers," in which Cliff (John Ratzenberger) is suspected of having murdered his mother in light of what happened earlier in the day in Dana Point and Deerborn, Mich. Paul Lih Lee, Los Angeles
January 8, 2009 | Scott Collins
NBC got a bit of good news last week as sports propelled the long-struggling network to first place during an otherwise quiet holiday period. The network had the most-watched program for the week ending Jan. 4 with Saturday's NFL playoff game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Diego Chargers. The matchup averaged a hefty 27.8 million total viewers, according to figures published Wednesday by Nielsen Media Research. NBC also saw some decent numbers from a special Sunday preview of its new series "Superstars of Dance," which averaged 10.6 million.
November 2, 1986
NBC censored comedian Sam Kinison on "Saturday Night Live" by blanking out portions of its West Coast broadcast ("NBC Censors Comedian's 'Live' Jokes," by David T. Friendly, Oct. 21). The material deleted was a joke that referred to marijuana in a way not sufficiently negative to meet NBC censorship standards. How dare a broadcaster using the public airwaves arrogate to itself the right to decide what views the public may hear? The issue of drug prohibition is a matter of public controversy and the public is entitled to hear from all sides whether the views are expressed by "serious" newscommentators or comedians.
August 3, 2012
If Dick Ebersol, Gary Zenkel and NBC had covered the 1976 and 1984 Olympics, would we have heard about the accomplishments of Olga Korbut, Nadia Comaneci, Lasse Viren, Daley Thompson, Sebastian Coe, Michael Gross or Vasily Alekseyev? Just saying, it would nice to see and hear about the other gifted athletes at the London Olympics. Arturo Adame Redondo Beach :: If the Olympic Games are supposed to be symbolic of the coming together of nations in peace and goodwill, then NBC inadvertently demonstrated something else.
April 25, 1993
Please bring "Law & Order" (NBC) back to its rightful time slot--before "Homicide." Just as the series states, "Law & Order" is ripped from today's headlines, with interesting, information-packed plots jammed into and wrapped up in one hour. "Homicide" strings us along for four weeks on one case. Please, no more. L.M. Imperial, San Luis Obispo Note: "Homicide" has completed its two-month run and "Law & Order" is now seen at 10 p.m. Wednesdays.
September 8, 2012 | By Scott Collins, Los Angeles Times
NBC's lineup needs some extra voltage. But can "Revolution"be the show that will give prime-time dramas a much-needed jolt? Electricity-related puns aside, this costly, after-the-lights-go-out drama is probably NBC's biggest bet this year, not to mention the most-anticipated new fall show, according to Facebook and Twitter data. "Revolution" is so key to the beleaguered network's hopes that executives are plugging it into the high-visibility 10 p.m. Monday spot opposite a pair of popular-but-somewhat-vulnerable crime shows, CBS' "Hawaii Five-0" and ABC's "Castle.
December 10, 2013 | By Greg Braxton
The rousing success of NBC's live "The Sound of Music" presentation and reports that network honchos are seriously considering staging another live musical got us thinking here at Showtracker. What musical would be a great follow-up to "The Sound of Music?" Then it hit us like a bolt of lightning. How about "The Wizard of Oz?" PHOTOS: Behind the scenes of movies and TV It would make perfect sense -- NBC already has much of the cast in place, thanks to the judges on "The Voice.
September 25, 2012 | By Greg Braxton
"The Voice" will be around for a while. NBC has ordered a fourth and fifth cycle of the reality-competition series for spring and fall 2013. "The Voice," currently in its third season, is generating strong ratings and has become one of NBC's biggest hits. "This pickup will assure the many dedicated 'Voice' fans that this innovative show will continue to bring some of the most talented new voices to the world's attention through all of next year," NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt said in a statement.
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