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September 19, 2004
The Sept. 16 Column One story, "He Has His Walking Points," about Neil Hopper walking around the city, was interesting and provided a lesson in enjoying life and our society. Hopper has shown that it's possible to see positive virtues in seemingly negative places. Wallace Danielson San Diego
May 18, 1991
Thumbs up to Mike Penner for his great column on Nolan Ryan (May 10) and for exposing a bad case of sour grapes on Jim Palmer's part. It's completely beyond me how anyone can find anything negative with Nolan's career and accomplishments. JEFF SMART Corona del Mar
June 7, 1986
The Lakers are the greatest team of the 1980s. They have three championship titles and three rings. No other NBA team can say that. I just had to write, as everyone else is so negative about our great Lakers. How soon we forget. JANE GORMAN Costa Mesa
November 18, 1993
"Helping Offenders Beat Law of Averages" (Times, Nov. 4) was a refreshing article! It is great to read about positive alternatives to negative situations. Professor Haney and his interns deserve commendations and praise. ROGER SHAMUS Santa Monica
February 6, 1999
I was shocked to read the comments of Martina Hingis regarding her opponent in the Australian Open final, Amelie Mauresmo, which seemed to indicate that Ms. Mauresmo is a lesbian and that there is something negative about that. Remember, Martina, who your namesake is. JEFFREY KLEMME, Ventura
June 3, 1989
Randy Harvey's comment (May 24) about people in England literally dying to get into soccer games was neither amusing nor called for. It is time for the media to start reporting the positive side of soccer, instead of concentrating on the negative. TONY MELLING Thousand Oaks
November 5, 2002
"The Final Mission Is Completed" (Nov. 2), about the missing World War II P-51 Mustang pilot, was so well written it brought tears. Adalbert Wolf, the kind German who found the remains, made a cross but was thwarted from informing the pilot's heirs. This is such a pleasant respite from the negative news. Richard Proctor San Clemente
April 29, 2000
In Monday's article on the NCAA eligibility scandal, the man accused of paying money to players, Myron Piggie, was described as "a former janitor and a convicted crack dealer." I could understand if being a janitor is how he met the players, or was relevant to the case in some other way, but there was nothing else in the story about janitorial work. Am I the only one who found it strange that an essential, honest job and a despicable, illegal practice are mentioned together in the same sentence?
September 29, 1990
Although sports have undergone a drastic change from "fun" to "big business," I really think the average fan and sports page reader still looks at sports through the eyes of their childhood when all sports were "fun." I abhor the current sports columnists and "beat writers" who only emphasize the negatives and seldom feature the positive aspects of a player or a game. Now, in your departmentalized format, even the headline writers have become negative. Take your Saturday, Sept.
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