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March 24, 1998 | BARBARA MURPHY
BNI, an international networking organization specializing in business referrals among members, is opening a chapter in Camarillo. BNI was founded in 1985 by Ivan R. Misner, author of "The World's Best Known Marketing Secret," "Seven Second Marketing," and "Business by Referral." "Our style of networking is based on the philosophy [that] givers gain--if I help you, then you'll help me and we'll all do better business," Misner said. The Camarillo group is having its first meeting at 7 a.m.
March 31, 2014 | By Tony Perry
The nation needs to better acknowledge and support the efforts of the "hidden heroes" from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars: the estimated 1.1 million civilian, volunteer caregivers tending to the needs of wounded and disabled veterans, according to recommendations contained in a Rand Corp. study released Monday. While family members and others have long cared for veterans, the veterans from two recent wars are more likely to have mental health and substance problems, making the task of providing care even more difficult, according to the study, funded by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation.
July 18, 1990 | KAREN GRIGSBY BATES, Bates is a Los Angeles writer who writes frequently about black issues. and
When the NAACP's conference ended here last week, civil rights leaders left behind a portrait of black men in crisis. Too many young black men, said the civil rights group, are underemployed, alternately feared and reviled, and living at risk. Now come the men of Sigma Pi Phi, a once-secret black fraternity that celebrates the professional and material success of black men.
March 24, 2014 | By Richard Verrier
Tim Warner, chief executive of Cinemark Holdings Inc., admits he'd never heard of the popular science fiction series "Doctor Who. " So the Montana native was skeptical when executives at BBC Wordwide approached him about the idea of screening a simulcast of the 50th anniversary episode of the cult-classic British TV series in Cinemark theaters across Latin America and the U.S. In late November, hundreds of "Whovians" showed up at more than...
May 19, 1991 | Liz Brody
Group therapy, health clubs and the Polo Lounge--once networking hot spots--are now strictly passe. These days, heavy-hitters take a power . . . facial. Step into Nance Mitchell's private, by-appointment-only skin-care parlor in Beverly Hills, oh nonbelievers, and catch some serious business-card swapping. Some clients, such as filmmakers Matia Karrell and Tim Healy, schedule side-by-side facials, instead of power lunches, to talk shop.
July 28, 2010 | By Sandra M. Jones
When it comes to social networking, women outshine men, according to a study released Wednesday from ComScore Inc. Women spend more time on social-networking sites than men — averaging 5.5 hours a month compared with 3.9 hours for men, said the Reston, Va.-based Internet research firm. Likewise, 76% all women online visit a social networking site compared with 70% of all men online. The study, conducted in May, investigates how women are shaping the Internet. "Understanding gender-specific differences in Web usage is valuable to any digital stakeholder looking to successfully reach and engage both women and men in the online environment," said Linda Boland Abraham, ComScore's chief marketing officer.
March 30, 2009 | Dan Fost
Almost as soon as Guang-Yu Xu was laid off from his engineering post at a Silicon Valley Internet company last month, he visited and updated his job status from "current" to "past." Through their interconnected contacts, he soon heard from headhunter Robert Greene, one of more than 530,000 recruiters trolling the professional networking site for job candidates. Within a few weeks, Xu had three offers. He started at, a personal finance website, two weeks ago.
May 22, 1992
It was Bayani Baloloy's first trip to America, and an accounting job awaited him in New York. But when the flight from the Philippines landed on the West Coast for a layover, Baloloy placed a call. "I told my contact in New York: 'I am in Los Angeles. If I can't find a job by the end of the week, I'll be in New York Monday.' " By the end of that week, he had found a single-bedroom apartment with a relative in Hollywood.
May 23, 2006 | From Reuters
Movie moguls Bob and Harvey Weinstein's Weinstein Co. said it had taken an undisclosed stake in social-networking website ASmallWorld. The founders of Miramax Film Corp. led a group of investors including Bob Pittman, former chief operating officer of AOL Time Warner Inc., to make a "significant investment" in the site, which can be joined only by invitation from members.
January 28, 1997 | GARY IZUMO, SPECIAL TO THE TIMES; Gary Izumo is an instructor in the Moorpark College business department and has managed his own consulting practice. He is a former McKinsey & Co. consultant and practice leader for the Strategic Management Consulting Practice of Price Waterhouse
Networking is a widely used term. And, yet, it is a term that is confusing to many and often misunderstood. Some think networking simply means asking people for a favor. Other people believe you only network when you need something. Still other people view networking as just something you do when you want to find a new job. Wrong! When you think about networking, remember that business--like life in general--is about people. We don't live in isolation and we don't work in isolation.
March 22, 2014 | By Chris O'Brien
To keep an eye on his child via his smartphone, Marc Gilbert installed Internet-connected video baby monitors in his home in Houston. One evening, Gilbert heard a stranger's voice bellowing obscenities from the monitor. He disconnected the device after realizing that it had been hacked. "I'm a pretty technical guy, and I thought I knew how all this stuff should be hooked up," said Gilbert, who has written several letters to his congressman and other elected officials, trying to bring the security issue to their attention.
March 18, 2014 | By Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times Television Critic, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
Diva Rule No. 1: Know how to make a big entrance. Diva Rule No. 2: Know how to make a big exit. Diva Rule No. 3: Do these things as often as humanly possible. The return earlier this month of ABC's "Once Upon a Time" marked the end of the midseason premieres. By the end of the month, the premieres of the midseason replacements should also have concluded, giving us a few blessed weeks of "normal" television viewing before the actual season finales begin. If you're confused about the difference between a midseason premiere and a midseason replacement premiere, the answer is increasingly "not much.
March 14, 2014 | By Daniel Miller and Meg James
It's one of Hollywood's longest-running guessing games: Who will succeed Walt Disney Co. Chairman and Chief Executive Robert Iger? And it just got a little more interesting. Anne Sweeney's announcement this week that she will step down as head of Disney's media networks, including ABC-TV, could help set up important moves on a corporate chess board as Disney prepares for bigger and more dramatic changes. Iger agreed last summer to stay on as CEO through June 2016, 15 months longer than initially planned.
March 10, 2014 | By Ryan Faughnder
Facing a supernova of TV rivals, Fox's "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" launched with a solid 8.5 million viewers from 10 networks Sunday night, according to Nielsen.  The heavily promoted, 13-part science documentary series, featuring astrophysicist host Neil deGrasse Tyson touring the universe in a CGI spaceship, arrives more than three decades after Carl Sagan's "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage" debuted on PBS.  "Cosmos" marks an unusual roll-out for...
March 8, 2014 | By Richard Fausset
MEXICO CITY - A Mexican regulatory agency has ordered the massive companies that dominate this nation's telephone and broadcast television sectors to share their network infrastructure with competitors, a move that could seriously alter Mexico's telecommunications landscape in the months and years to come. The rulings by the Federal Telecommunications Institute appeared to be a "step in the right direction" for the Mexican economy, said George W. Grayson, a Mexico specialist at the College of William and Mary.
March 8, 2014 | By Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times Television Critic
It has been at least a while, and possibly in the whole recorded history of the medium, that a blockbuster science series has aired on conventional broadcast television. But there is no time like the present, whether or not such a thing as the present actually exists. Sunday, which as I write these words is still in what we think of as "the future," will see the welcome premiere of Fox's "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," Neil deGrasse Tyson's pumped up remake of and homage to Carl Sagan's beloved "Cosmos: A Personal Voyage," which aired over PBS in 1980 - an eternity in terms of special effects.
January 14, 1998 | VICKI TORRES
Don't like networking? Forget about the old style where you slap on a name tag, juggle a glass of wine and fumble your business cards to strangers. Small-business owners in Southern California are taking networking to a more sophisticated level. Prompted by the region's sprawl, diversity and lack of an old-line business establishment, networking groups here are taking new forms and trying new things.
Real estate broker Kerry Berman is looking for assistance in building his clientele. Toward this end, he is consulting with a banker, an accountant, a contractor, a dentist, a pediatrician, a florist and a plumber. They are among 17 businesspeople who have founded the new Simi Valley-Moorpark branch of Business Network International, a San Dimas-based networking organization with more than 1,000 chapters in the United States and Europe.
March 7, 2014 | By Meredith Blake
Robert Rodriguez helped ignite an independent film movement in the 1990s with his film "El Mariachi," shot for a mere $7,000, before moving on to blockbuster fare such as "Sin City" and the "Spy Kids" franchise. Now the restless filmmaker, 45, is trying to revolutionize the small screen with the recently launched cable network El Rey, targeted at a young, English-speaking Latino audience. It's available on Time Warner and DirecTV, among other outlets. You've had a lot of success in films.
March 5, 2014 | By Meg James and Joe Flint
Walt Disney Co. and satellite TV provider Dish Network's sweeping new agreement could lead to changes in the way consumers watch television. The comprehensive distribution deal, announced late Monday, is expected to become a blueprint on how the television industry treats the increasingly important digital rights for valuable programming. Dish secured Internet streaming rights for content from Disney's ESPN, ESPN2, ABC Family and Disney Channel as well as the eight ABC television stations that Disney owns.
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