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Nevada Courts

September 12, 2005 | Evan Halper, Times Staff Writer
Forget complicated wire transfers to the Cayman Islands or secret Swiss deposit boxes. Californians who want to hide their money from tax authorities are increasingly opting for a simpler alternative: socking it away just over the state line. No need for savvy accountants or high-priced lawyers.
December 13, 1985 | TOM GORMAN, Times Staff Writer
The Barona Indians' bingo hall was raided Thursday by 60 law enforcement officers searching for evidence that high-stakes bingo games were fixed to bleed off tens of thousands of dollars in prizes to predetermined winners, the San Diego County Sheriff's Department said. Investigators contend that the games were fixed so that prize money would go to favored players, or "shills," who would later divvy up their illegal winnings with co-conspirators.
October 27, 1985 | CHARLES HILLINGER, Times Staff Writer
The judge, his wife and the stranger were having coffee in the kitchen of the judge's log cabin in this remote hamlet. Logs crackled in the living room fireplace, heating the modest home. "Where's your courtroom, judge?" Justice of the Peace Johnny Williams, 61, was asked. "You're in it. The courtroom is the kitchen. We sit around this table and hear cases. We don't stand on ceremony in Jarbidge. I never wear robes, just my everyday coveralls," the spindly 6-foot, 135-pound judge said.
February 23, 1987 | MARK HEISLER, Times Staff Writer
Down the strip and through the electric galaxy rolls the solid beige his-for-as-long-as-he-needs-it or until-the-next-model-year Cadillac. Neon reflections splash over the hood and joy across his brainpan. Imagine all your dreams trying to come true at once and you've got Jerry Tarkanian, long-suffering coach of the UNLV basketball team as he takes his fluorescent victory lap. Imagine stopping the NCAA dead in its tracks in court (which he has), and then raising a group of waifs to No.
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