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June 26, 2001 | Bloomberg News
Computer-training provider New Horizons Worldwide Inc. said it will fire about 100 employees--7% of its staff--as businesses spend less to train workers amid the slower economy. New Horizons anticipates second-quarter profit will fall to 18 cents to 20 cents a share from 31 cents a year earlier. Revenue is expected to range from $43 million to $45 million, up from $36.6 million a year earlier but lower than previous projections. Analysts had expected earnings of 36 cents.
That familiar yellow-bordered magazine now has its own cable TV network. The National Geographic Channel, officially launched last weekend and available in 10 million homes nationwide, will mix new programming with the National Geographic Society's documentary archives. The society's seven "explorers-in-residence," including famed primatologist Jane Goodall and historian Stephen Ambrose, will also contribute reports.
March 23, 1985 | BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer
The most excitement that firefighters at Ventura County's newest fire station have had occurred a month ago--on the day the station opened for business and they drove their truck into Los Angeles County to buy their first firehouse groceries at a supermarket. "While we were in Ralphs a little boy got his hand caught in a candy machine," Capt. Bill Hartley said. "The cashier noticed us down the aisle, shopping, and called us over. His hand was really caught up in there.
March 25, 2007 | Alicia Chang, Associated Press Writer
Amateur astronomer William Bianco doesn't huddle over a backyard telescope to hunt for undiscovered planets. He logs onto his computer. Bianco, who was mesmerized by the intricacies of the universe as a young boy, is part of a growing online community that sifts through mountains of data collected by professional scientists in search of other worlds. While Bianco has yet to make a landmark discovery, he savors the rush of being on the cutting edge of research.
December 27, 1988 | LIBBY SLATE
Ice skating shows, long synonymous with the holiday season, have been gliding off in new directions lately. Viewers will get a look at some of these hot new acts as the curtain goes up on three live productions and a TV special this week. Opening are "Holiday Festival on Ice" (Friday to Monday) at Knott's Berry Farm, Dorothy Hamill's "Winter Wonderland" today and Wednesday at the Hyatt Grand Champions Resort in Indian Wells and "Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom on Ice Starring Pinocchio" at the L.A.
May 8, 1999 | AGUSTIN GURZA
Asuncion Gonzalez cried on her first day of school three months ago. They were not tears of childish fear, but of joy mixed with grown-up regret. For never before had the grandmother been in a classroom as a student in all her 61 years. The small but sturdy woman from Oaxaca, Mexico, had never learned to read or write. As a child, she had never had her own pen or notebook. She had never known anything but work since she was a girl of 11 in the rural town of La Cienega.
March 3, 1992 | Dean Takahashi / Times staff writer
It seems that State of the Art Inc., an accounting software company that announced plans last week to hire 93 people in the next year, isn't the only computer-related firm in Orange County that is expanding. New Horizons, a personal computer training company in Santa Ana, plans to double the size of its work force during the next year to handle growth and expansion into new franchise areas. It will hire 40 instructors, sales people and other staff, said Michael Brinda, company president.
March 10, 2000 | Daryl Strickland
New Horizons Worldwide Inc., a major provider of computer training, said Thursday that its main office and training centers will be consolidated next year in a new six-story building under construction in Anaheim. The company said it has signed a 10-year, $20-million lease to occupy 75,000 square feet in Stadium Gateway, one of several office buildings being developed near Edison International Field.
October 12, 1995
Gene Longobardi has been appointed to the newly created position of vice president of operations for New Horizons Franchising in Santa Ana, parent company of New Horizons Computer Learning Center, a computer training company. He was previously chief financial officer for New Horizons. In addition, Vince Rowe was named director of business development and Paul Muldoon director of international operations, both new positions.
Michael A. Brinda, 38, calls himself a computer user's advocate. He is president of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, a Santa Ana-based computer training company. He's tired of hearing about "easy to use" software programs. If software publishers saw his classes filled with terror-stricken novices, he says they would know that people need better training. And once people are trained, Brinda believes, computers will then produce true productivity gains for society.
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