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New Vehicles

April 26, 1996 | LLOYD DIXON and STEVEN GARBER, Lloyd Dixon and Steven Garber are economist and senior economist, respectively, at Rand's Institute for Civil Justice in Santa Monica. Their study, "California's Ozone-Reduction Strategy for Light-Duty Vehicles" was published by the institute
The decision last month by the California Air Resources Board to push back by five years the mandated introduction of zero-emission vehicles averts potential economic and environmental disasters. But other problems loom. Based on our recent study, we believe that the board made a wise decision when it withdrew the requirement that 2% of California autos made from 1998 through 2000 and 5% from 2001 through 2002 be emission-free.
When Kim Wilson moved to Orange County from Austin last year, local blues aficionados knew they were getting a valuable new neighbor, one of the leading figures on the contemporary roots-music scene. But nobody expected that Wilson, the leader of the Fabulous Thunderbirds, would be coming here to start a new cottage industry. He is launching Blue Collar Music, a record label so devoted to deep-blues tradition that it will put out albums only in old-fashioned mono (see accompanying story).
March 19, 2008 | From the Associated Press
A leading auto information firm said Tuesday that it had lowered its 2008 forecast for U.S. new-vehicle sales by nearly 5% to the lowest level since 1994. J.D. Power & Associates said declining consumer confidence and spending, along with turbulence in the financial markets, had driven its revised forecast to 14.95 million cars and light trucks from 15.7 million. Westlake Village-based J.D.
February 13, 2009 | Martin Zimmerman
A proposed tax break for new-car buyers has been downsized by Congress. The compromise version of the ginormous economic stimulus bill includes a Senate-approved provision that would allow consumers to claim a federal income tax deduction for sales taxes and excise taxes paid on new vehicles. But the compromise worked out between House and Senate negotiators deletes another provision that senators had approved, which would have made interest on new-vehicle loans deductible as well.
July 16, 1985 | Robert Hanley \f7
The City Council Wednesday is expected to approve the purchase of 20 new city vehicles, including six police cars, two police motorcycles, a jeep, several pickup trucks and a street sweeper. The amount requested for the purchases totals more than $570,000. Projected purchase prices range from a low of $5,510 each for the motorcycles, to an expected $79,832 for the most expensive item, the street sweeper. According to San Clemente Police Lt.
June 14, 2000
Those sooty, smoky trash trucks and buses that lumber down city streets will eventually run on cleaner-burning fuel, under a new policy adopted Tuesday by the Los Angeles City Council. The new clean-fuel regulations call for all 650 trash trucks, plus city transit buses and other fleet vehicles, to be replaced by 2003. "It's critically important because we know air pollution is a contributing factor to substantial health risks," said Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, who recommended the policy.
May 21, 1998
Three new, larger buses have gone into operation in the area Dash bus line. The buses replace older units in the program, which provides shuttle service every 20 minutes. The new buses can seat 30 people, five more than the older models, and have two wheelchair ramps per bus. "The new buses are a much needed improvement to the Dash service in Wilmington," said harbor district Councilman Rudy Svorinich Jr. "The residents of Wilmington will find these buses to be an improvement."
November 10, 1986 | BILL ROTH, Sen. Bill Roth (R-Del.) is chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee
The secretary of defense must put the controversy surrounding the Army's $11-billion Bradley fighting vehicle program to rest. The Army must submit the troop carrier to realistic tests in a combat environment. Doubts about the Bradley's ability to deliver troops to the battlefield and fight with our front-line tanks surfaced as far back as a decade ago.
July 8, 1991 | CRISTINA LEE
Driving along the San Diego Freeway or any other freeway in Orange County, chances are that if you look up you'll see one of Scott Zimmer's creations. Unlike other small businesses hard hit by the recession, Zimmer's balloon manufacturing company, Giant Advertising, is in demand by retailers hard pressed for customers. Like his balloons, his 2-year-old business is ascending.
February 18, 1998
Orange County Transportation Authority officials plan to purchase 186 buses powered by liquefied natural gas by 2000, with the first vehicles scheduled to join the fleet this summer. In addition to being cheaper and easier to maintain, the buses will help the transit agency meet federal clean air standards mandated for 2010, officials said. "Diesel fuel buses will be phased out in California by 2010," said John Standiford, a transit agency spokesman.
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