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Newport To Ensenada Yacht Race

May 1, 1989 | ALMON LOCKABEY, Special to The Times
The 42nd Newport-to-Ensenada yacht race dragged to a close Sunday when the last of the 406 boats remaining in the race eased across the finish line shortly before the finish deadline at 11 a.m. How slow was the race? The official report from the sponsoring Newport Ocean Sailing Assn. said that 406 of the 520 starters crossed the line under sail, making it one of the slowest on record. The slowness of the race didn't dampen the spirits of the hundreds who crowded the patio of the Bahia Hotel to witness the trophy presentation that officially ended the race.
April 24, 1988 | ALMON LOCKABEY
Erratic winds with occasional rain squalls Saturday made it a relative slow passage for the 500 boats in the Newport-to-Ensenada yacht race. By 5 p.m., about 250 boats had finished, but freshening breezes in Todos Santos Bay were bringing the rest of the boats to the finish line in droves. Slightly before 5 p.m., the race committee reported 36 boats finished in 24 seconds, with many more on the horizon.
April 22, 2005 | Pete Thomas
More than 450 boats are entered in the 58th annual Lexus Newport-to-Ensenada Yacht Race, which begins at noon today at Newport Harbor with staggered starts until 2 p.m. The international regatta, which for some is as much a party as it is a competition, has 466 entries and, in its Maxi class, features some of sailing's elite: Roy Disney and his new Z-86 Pyewacket, Doug Baker aboard Magnitude 80 and Randall Pitman on the 90-foot Genuine Risk.
April 27, 2003 | Rich Roberts
Pyewacket is numero uno again. Roy E. Disney's Reichel/Pugh 77 reclaimed its record late Friday night in the 56th Tommy Bahama Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race that turned on a tactical error by Dick Compton's new and more powerful Andrews 77, Alchemy. Pyewacket, representing the Los Angeles Yacht Club, finished the 125 nautical miles from Newport Beach in 10 hours 44 minutes 54 seconds, an average speed of 11.6 knots (13.3 mph).
April 24, 2004 | From a Times Staff Writer
A 46-year-old Ventura County sailor, who was thwarted from attending a popular coastal boat race by high winds and rough seas, drowned this week when he accidentally fell overboard while returning to Port Hueneme. Clayton Allen Bartholomew, who had residences in Moorpark and Oxnard, was knocked off the deck of the Amor Del Mar by the boat's boom about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday.
April 24, 1993 | ROGER TEFFT
Dennis Conner's 60-foot soft sail catamaran Stars & Stripes averaged 14.6 knots over the first 95 miles of the Newport Ocean Sailing Assn.'s 46th annual Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race before the light south-southwesterly breezes shut down for the night Friday. Conner, who logged a record elapsed time for the course in 1991 aboard Stars & Stripes in 9 hours 7 minutes 48 seconds, was spotted by the NOSA race committee off Rosarito Beach at 6:30 p.m. with 30 miles to go.
Bill Gibbs appears to have the fastest boat in the Tommy Bahama Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race, but he doesn't think he can beat the record. He just hopes he can beat the curse. "If we finish I'll be happy," the Ventura sailor said. "If we do better than finish, I'll be ecstatic."
April 26, 1987 | ALMON LOCKABEY, Special To The Times
Rudy Choy of Waikiki, Hawaii, took a trip down memory lane in the 40th Newport-to-Ensenada yacht race when he sailed his 65-foot catamaran Aikane X-5 across the finish line at 2:15 a.m. Saturday to become the first-to-finish in the 125-mile race. His elapsed time was 12 hours 15 minutes.
April 20, 1987 | ALMON LOCKABEY, Special to The Times
About 590 boats will answer the starting signals at noon Friday for the 40th Newport-to-Ensenada yacht race. The number of entries is well short of the 650 anticipated by the sponsoring Newport Ocean Sailing Assn., but is about 100 more than competed last year.
April 29, 1985 | ALMON LOCKABEY
Fred Preiss' 84-foot custom-sloop Christine out of Pacific Mariners Yacht Club finished at 8:26:47 a.m. Sunday to claim elapsed-time honors in the 38th Newport-to-Ensenada yacht race. Christine finished five seconds behind the 62-foot sloop Ragtime but was awarded first to finish honors because she started in another class 10 minutes behind Ragtime, skippered by Dick Deaver of Los Angeles Yacht Club. The finish between the two yachts was one of the closest in the history of the race.
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