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December 18, 2004
A news story about Johnnie Carl, who shot himself to death early Friday after a nine-hour standoff with police at the Crystal Cathedral complex in Garden Grove, appears today on Page A1. Carl, 57, was musical director at the church and arranger of music for the annual "Glory of Christmas" performances.
July 28, 1990 | United Press International
The long-rumored agreement between auto makers Chrysler Corp. and Fiat SpA may be officially announced as soon as next week, the Financial News Network reported Friday. FNN, quoting sources inside Chrysler and from Fiat's home base in Turin, Italy, said the companies would like to have a deal announced next week--perhaps timed to coincide with Chrysler's scheduled announcement of what are expected to be weak second-quarter earnings on Tuesday.
February 5, 1990 | From Times Staff and Wire Service Reports
Ten-year-old Sarah Lawing went where no other journalist had gone before in obtaining an interview with Tom Cruise on the set of "Day of Thunder," his new movie about a race car driver. When she heard that Cruise was filming the movie near her family's farm in Long Creek, N.C., the reporter for Long Creek Elementary School's News and Neighs wrote the actor seeking an interview, according to this week's People magazine.
December 10, 1988 | From Religious News Service
Marilee Joyce has been fired as a television anchorwoman in Sioux Falls, S.D., after writing an article describing how she tried to "sneak" Jesus into the news as often as possible. An official of KDLT-TV said Joyce was dismissed for an "error in journalistic judgment" that was reflected in the article she wrote for Good News, a magazine published for a Christian cable TV station.
April 30, 1996
A radio news reporter for KPFK-FM in Studio City was shot to death execution-style in South-Central Los Angeles, Los Angeles Police Department homicide detectives said Monday. The body of Michael Taylor, 45, of Los Angeles was found last Tuesday in a vacant lot off South Victoria Avenue, said Detective Alex Moreno of the LAPD South bureau. Residents heard gun shots near the railroad tracks about 1:30 a.m. and called police, he said.
July 12, 2000 | KARIMA A. HAYNES
Television news reporter Adrienne Alpert, who suffered life-threatening burns in a May 22 accident, was listed in good condition Tuesday following what doctors said could be her final surgery. During the 90-minute procedure, four surgeons at the Grossman Burn Center removed unhealthy tissue and grafted skin onto injured areas on her arms and legs, said Larry Weinberg, a spokesman for Sherman Oaks Hospital & Medical Center.
November 2, 1999 | DAVID BAUDER, Associated Press TELEVISION WRITER
Money pressures may explain a "startling" drop in the amount of enterprise reporting on local TV news broadcasts, according to a new study. The Project for Excellence in Journalism said it found that enterprise was sharply on the decline, despite clear evidence that viewers support stations that produce high-quality reporting. The study, issued last Thursday, ranked newscasts at 59 stations in 19 cities over two weeks earlier this year.
For Hu Shuli, managing editor of China's first serious financial magazine, good journalism all boils down to one thing: Who pays for the taxis? Fed up with the penny-pinching that she says prevents most Chinese journalists from doing their jobs well, Hu got backing from China's nascent financial community for Caijing, the magazine she started up four years ago.
July 12, 2013 | By Chuck Schilken
Remember the old days when the best way to get a seat for a live event was to camp out in line to make sure you beat the crowds? Lots of times such activities turned into a big, overnight parties with hordes of people with a common interest coming together to do something a little bit nutty, all in the name of having a good time and getting good seats. And you didn't have to deal with a perky news reporter waking you up hours before tickets went on sale because there were plenty of others there to bother with inane questions.
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