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February 28, 1992 | Associated Press
President Bush will nominate Joseph Gerard Sullivan as ambassador to Nicaragua, replacing Harry Shlaudeman.
May 14, 1985
Reagan's trade embargo against Nicaragua serves as another example of our vain (in both senses of the word) attempt to make Central America over in our own image and keep it under our control. Accompanied by threatening U.S. military maneuvers in next-door Honduras, U.S. building of seven air bases along the Nicaragua-Honduras border, previous U.S. covert aid to the contras and the CIA-supervised mining of Nicaraguan ports, Reagan cannot forever fool Americans as to who the real aggressor in Central America is. The justification for the embargo?
December 28, 1987
What is the difference between the United States fighting in Nicaragua and the Soviet Union fighting in Afghanistan? The United States uses Nicaraguan fighters. The Soviets use their own. MARGARET B. WRIGHT Santa Barbara
November 30, 2008 | Times Wire Services
Georgia says it is cutting diplomatic relations with Nicaragua after the Central American nation recognized the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Nicaragua is the only country other than Russia to have recognized the regions as independent nations. There was no immediate comment from Nicaragua. Georgia and Russia fought a war in August after Georgia attacked South Ossetia. Russia has unsuccessfully pushed for other nations to recognize the two breakaway regions, often citing Kosovo as a precedent.
August 19, 1989
Rep. Hyde is correct in his assessment of the situation in Nicaragua. The liberal Democrats in Congress should be hoping and praying that there will be no shenanigans by Ortega and his thugs at the election in Nicaragua in February, or the Democrats will pay the price for their folly at the polls next year. FREDERICK D. MULLEN Upland
June 4, 1985
Congress is sending a message to you, Mr. President, and that is that the people of this country do not want to fund a war in Nicaragua. We cannot and will not sit back and permit another Vietnam tragedy to occur. Please heed our message and allow the people of Nicaragua to have the peace and dignity that everyone is entitled to. KATHY PATTERSON Temple City
April 8, 1986
What right does the American government have to actively attempt to subvert and supplant, through military, diplomatic or economic means or a combination thereof, the government of a foreign nation? I thought that the right to self-determination was a basic and cherished premise of American democracy! Leave Nicaragua alone! JIM CASSIDY Los Angeles
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