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November 22, 1987
Wright's unconstitutional antics are another overwhelming reason for electing a Republican Congress. DAVID A. BOLENDER Long Beach
April 8, 1986
What right does the American government have to actively attempt to subvert and supplant, through military, diplomatic or economic means or a combination thereof, the government of a foreign nation? I thought that the right to self-determination was a basic and cherished premise of American democracy! Leave Nicaragua alone! JIM CASSIDY Los Angeles
May 14, 1985
I concur with your editorial on Nicaragua. It is cowardly for the richest and most powerful nation on earth to bully a poverty-stricken country of 2.8 million peasants into submission. R. E. DILLBERG Temple City
October 24, 1988
What a refreshing change to read an article about Nicaragua on the front page that is articulate, well-researched and, best of all, free of superficial labeling of the Sandinistas and what they stand for. As a U.S. citizen, who has lived in Nicaragua for 1 1/2 years, it is nice to return to Los Angeles and read an article that really is so informative and unbiased. Depicting the Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan people as real people, who make mistakes sometimes as all real people do, but admit their mistakes and try to make changes for the better; and showing them as they truly are--humanists interested in the welfare of the majority of the people in Nicaragua--are crucial in the fight to change the unjust, inhumane, unlawful foreign policy that the United States government is following in Nicaragua.
July 2, 1986
Thanks to The Times for "Nicaragua: Words, Words" (Opinion, June 22), scoring the Administration's use of the "word Wurlitzer" instead of the facts in its campaign for congressional and popular support for its contra war against the Sandinista government of Nicaragua. The editorial's concurrent appearance with the "brief" for contra aid, written by Assistant Secretary of State Elliott Abrams, makes it especially appropriate. In his brief, Abrams uses the propagandist's favorite tool: Assert that one's own actions stem from only pure motives and that one's chosen enemy acts from purely evil motives; repeat these assertions until they assume the mantle of truth.
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