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Nicholas Sparks

March 31, 2010 | By Michael Ordoña
There aren't a lot of surprises in store when a film is struck from Nicholas Sparks and is called "The Last Song." There will be young love in the picturesque South, there will be a battery of contrivances keeping those crazy kids apart, and there will be tragedy and much rending of hair. "Last Song" is one of those maudlin romantic melodramas you just can't warn folks off. They're going to see it, though they know the story before they get in the car. Sullen, half-heartedly goth teen Ronnie (Miley Cyrus sans "Hannah Montana" trappings)
July 31, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
Police say a Buffalo-area tow truck driver was juggling two cellphones -- texting on one and talking on another -- when he slammed into a car and crashed into a swimming pool in Lockport, N.Y. Niagara County sheriff's deputies say Nicholas Sparks, 25, of Burt admitted he was texting and talking when his flatbed truck hit a car Wednesday morning. The truck then crashed through a fence and sideswiped a house before rolling into the pool. The car's driver was hospitalized and in good condition.
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