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Nightmare Scenario

February 9, 2012 | By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times
Three sanitation workers found it along the route of a Martin Luther King Jr. Day march: a nest of wires in a backpack. The homemade bomb was equipped with an unusual remote-controlled trigger and stuffed with more than 100 heavy fishing weights coated in rat poison. The Spokane County bomb squad disarmed it hours before the route would have been flooded with marchers last year. If the device had detonated and the weights had torn into the intended victims, the poison would have prevented their blood from coagulating, all but ensuring their deaths, lab analysts concluded.
November 29, 1990 | Douglas Jehl, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, commander of the joint U.S. force in Operation Desert Shield, was interviewed Wednesday in Saudi Arabia by Times staff writer Douglas Jehl. The following is excerpted from Schwarzkopf's comments:
Question: You have been quoted as saying that "war is a profanity," and in this crisis you have criticized others for their impatience. But in your career you have also been an advocate, when war comes, of bringing overwhelming force to bear against your adversary. Can you reconcile these views? Answer: I don't think they're contradictory at all. As you know, I've been involved in two wars--two tours of Vietnam and then the Grenada thing. I have very vivid memories of the men under my command.
When President Reagan was shot in an assassination attempt in 1981, he underwent surgery that lasted more than three hours. When President Clinton was injured in a fall at golfer Greg Norman's house in Florida in 1997, he underwent two hours of surgery to repair a tendon. In neither case, however, did the White House invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, as President Bush intends to do while undergoing a colonoscopy today.
November 5, 1995
A historic library hundreds of miles from here stands as the nightmare scenario for Northridge earthquake recovery. The library is at Stanford University. Part of it was badly damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Stanford officials finally reached an agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency on rebuilding costs in 1994. The library is not expected to reopen before 1997. It was not that difficult to imagine such a scenario here.
June 21, 2000
It was Phil Jackson's nightmare scenario. Things were normal for a half. Then . . . everything . . . about . . . the Laker offense . . . slowed down . . . then . . . stopped. Cold. It was one devastating third quarter, on the way to a potentially series-altering 106-77 Trail Blazer victory in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals, which evened the series, 1-1.
As the U.S. military mission to protect Kurds in northern Iraq nears an end, Kurdish leaders claimed Tuesday that the withdrawal may force them to sign a one-sided agreement with Saddam Hussein that will help extend his control throughout Iraq and entrench his dictatorship.
February 20, 1990 | From Associated Press
The lives of up to 5 million Ethiopians are at risk because anti-government forces have shut down a port that has been the key entry point for outside food assistance, U.S. officials say. Further aggravating the situation has been the prospect of severely diminished harvests throughout northern Ethiopia as a result of poor rainfall. To the west, U.S.
Five years after he stepped down as chief executive of Autodesk Inc. in favor of working as a programmer, John Walker, the brilliant, iconoclastic co-founder of the Sausalito-based software firm, is temporarily resuming a management role in the company. Walker, who wrote an eloquent 44-page memo to Autodesk employees last spring that criticized the company as "stuck in the past," and "paralyzed by unwarranted caution," will assume the post of manager of technology for "at least the next 90 days."
June 4, 2012 | By Steve Dilbeck, This post has been corrected, as indicated below.
And here comes the cavalry! Of course, when you're in dire straits, you take your rescue where you can find it, or hope to. Which in the case of the Dodgers means Juan Rivera, who as expected, was activated from the disabled list Monday in time to start play in the four-game series in Philadelphia. To make room for Rivera, the Dodgers optioned rookie Scott Van Slyke back to triple-A Albuquerque. Van Slyke had one truly memorable home run , but otherwise was hitting .194 his first trip up. Now Rivera is not exactly the return of Matt Kemp, but when you've lost six of your last seven games and are struggling to score, you search for encouragement anywhere it can possibly be identified.
June 28, 2012 | By Tiffany Hsu
The Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act, which held President Obama's healthcare overhaul to be constitutional, sparked an outpouring of both approval and invective from business groups around the country. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said it respects the decision but called for more reforms anyway, maintaining that the ruling "does not change the reality that the health care law is fundamentally flawed. " The Main Street Alliance quoted its members as saying that "this is a good day for small businesses across America ... [that]
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