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February 8, 2010
Land of the lost no more The Lakers finally beat the Trail Blazers on Saturday night after losing nine straight in Portland Feb. 6 2010 Lakers 99 Portland 82 Jan. 8 2010 Portland 107 Lakers 98 April 10 2009 Portland 106 Lakers 98 March 9 2009 Portland 111 Lakers 94 April 8 2008 Portland 112 Lakers 103 Feb. 29...
June 19, 2013 | By Glenn Whipp
"Orphan Black" star Tatiana Maslany, a freshly minted best actress prize winner , joined us for a live chat to talk about her role as Sarah Manning and half a dozen other clones on the acclaimed new BBC America sci-fi series. The buzzed-about show has a loyal fan base from around the world, and Maslany was kind enough to say hello ( or "hola," depending on the nationality ) to many who had joined the conversation, while also discussing the joy and nightmare of playing so many parts on the series.
October 4, 2009 | Dennis Lim
The Japanese cult auteur Takashi Miike, whose movies are typically seen by Western audiences at film festivals and on DVD, keeps up the speed-demon pace of an old-fashioned grind-house director. He has cranked out nearly 80 films since 1991, and his output is mind-boggling not just for its sheer volume but also for its improbable variety. He ranges freely from horror ("One Missed Call") to crime ("Dead or Alive") to comedy ("Shangri-La"). He has made a superhero kids' adventure ("Zebraman")
December 15, 1997
Loved Nick Green's article "A Long Winter's Nightmare" (Dec. 10) on Santa Paula. He captured the situation extremely well. MARTHA K. HARRIS Santa Paula Ventura County Letters
April 30, 1995
Surely this is a nightmare. It can't be that I'm reading the front-page news correctly ("State Justices Uphold Tough Homeless Law," April 25). It says on the front page that the California Supreme Court has now criminalized homelessness! Anyone who dares to sleep on public property in the city of Santa Ana, the Orange County seat of government, will be sent to jail. But Orange County is bankrupt. The jails and the jailers are being cut back because we're broke and can't pay for these "luxuries."
July 17, 2005
Teresa Barbarino's account of baggage screening at the LAX International Terminal ["Waiting and Then Fuming at the Airport," Letters, July 3] is just one of many horror stories. Seventeen months ago, my wife and I arrived at the terminal four hours before departure time. The baggage screening was a nightmare. We made it to the departure gate with 10 minutes to spare. On the return trip home, we got to the Nice, France, airport two hours before departure. We got to the gate 80 minutes ahead of our departure time.
July 29, 2010 | By Mikael Wood, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Orange County's Avenged Sevenfold has long been known by heavy-metal fans for its riffs and its death-obsessed imagery. "Sometimes I don't know why we'd rather live than die," sang frontman M. Shadows in the band's 2005 hit "Bat Country," which topped the chart on MTV's "Total Request Live" and earned Avenged the best new artist prize at 2006's Video Music Awards. Those elements are in no short supply throughout "Nightmare," the band's fifth full-length, released this week. (Sample song titles include "Buried Alive," "Natural Born Killer" and "Tonight the World Dies."
October 28, 2004
RE "Yes, That Is an Airstream in My Living Room" [Oct. 21]: I cannot imagine the anxiety writer Melissa Stephan had as they hammered away in her home. I often wonder during these types of makeover shows what happens if the residents really hate the changes. Laurie Wilcox Palm Desert
October 31, 2002
Egad! What chaos hast thou wrought! Where to begin? "Three Day Forecast." You seem to be fascinated with large headlines. But when it comes to finding out what the event actually is and where one could find it, the print is so small it would take a magnifying glass to read. That comment holds for most of the edition. Most of the page is taken up with the huge headline or pictures, or both. What happened to Radio Highlights? There are still a few of us who listen to the radio as well as TV and it's nice to know if there is something special on. Your daytime TV listings may start at 1:00 p.m., but most of us are awake a lot earlier than that and would like to know what's on TV in the morning.
December 1, 2002 | Gendy Alimurung
The title: "28 Days Later" The tagline: "The nightmare begins here. The days are numbered." Where it's charting: Currently No. 2 at the U.K. box office; opened at No. 1. The story line: Animal activists accidentally unleash a highly contagious virus onto an unsuspecting British populace during a raid on a primate research lab. The virus, code-named "Rage," spreads across England, turning people into angry, murderous (but well-dressed) zombies known as "The Infected."
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