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No Smoking

December 19, 1993
Most of us are quite capable of choosing a restaurant without the need for legislation dictated by the narrow-minded perspective of Councilman Marvin Braude and his no-smoking regime (Restaurant News, Nov. 28, and Letters, Dec. 12). Furthermore, can letter writer Clarence Brauer be taken seriously? He's actually asking the government to ban music in restaurants. This intolerant mind-set is becoming epidemic. The cure is simple, but read slowly anyway: If you don't like the place, go somewhere else.
January 14, 2001
I just finished reading Eileen Ogintz's whiny Travel Insider column ("Ship's No-Tobacco Rule Sends Trip Up in Smoke," Dec. 24) complaining about Carnival Cruise Lines' ejection of her family members for violating the "no tobacco products allowed" policy aboard the Paradise. What part of "no" did they not understand when they all signed their cruise contracts? Just because one or two fellow cruisers were also sneaky, with their hidden Cuban cigars, doesn't make it OK for Ogintz to raise a stink with Carnival over her family's poor, misunderstood boys.
September 4, 1985 | United Press International
An internal investigation of E.F. Hutton & Co. has implicated about a dozen mid-level and branch office managers in the brokerage firm's multimillion-dollar check-kiting scheme, a company spokesman said today. Results of the internal audit, conducted by former Atty. Gen. Griffin Bell at Hutton's request, will be released Thursday in Washington.
August 21, 1990
Despite increasing evidence that secondhand smoke is harmful, less than half of the cities in Orange County have adopted restrictions on smoking in restaurants, the workplace, and other public facilities. Here's a list of city restrictions on specific places as well as those adopted by the county.
June 4, 1985 | GREG JOHNSON, Times Staff Writer
Michael and Susan Stonebreaker quit smoking on Feb. 8. They are again enjoying the smell of ocean breezes, and he has even returned to the long-distance bicycling that he had been forced to give up. The nicotine-free couple also is enjoying the admiration showered on them by their son and daughter--both non-smokers. The Stonebreakers' success isn't just a personal victory.
February 2, 2002
While our government is making a major effort to discourage cigarette smoking, we, and our children, now see highly respected actors each week on television portraying a doctor, the president of the United States and, most recently, the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, smoking cigarettes. I respectfully submit that Ted Danson, Martin Sheen and James Garner, and their producers, should do the right thing for our children and our country and cease all further cigarette smoking on their television shows.
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