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March 14, 2013
Re "OneWest is said to be exploring a sale," Business, March 9 The current value of OneWest Bank is nearly twice the $1.55 billion investors paid to buy it in 2009. Those great profits, of course, ignore the $13 billion bath the public took when the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over IndyMac in 2009, the bank that became OneWest. Privatized profits, socialized losses. Tell me again about too much bank regulation. Kelley Willis Venice ALSO: Letters: Tell that to Thatcher Letters: The Wal-Mart moviemaker Letters: Doctors, drugs and addicts
March 11, 2013
Re "Burned by 'the nasty effect,'" Opinion, March 7 There is a simple solution to the stream-of-sewage comments that now accompany electronic versions of The Times and other news blogs. When a person writes a letter to the editor to The Times, the person's name, address and telephone number must be included. There are no such requirements for online comments. Unedited rants from anonymous nutjobs pepper the discussion boards of online articles. As Meghan Daum points out, these nasty comments are fast becoming must-read parts of electronic news and are negatively shaping our opinions of the articles they accompany.
March 7, 2013 | Jim Newton
The first round of the mayoral election ended Tuesday much the way it began, with Controller Wendy Greuel and Councilman Eric Garcetti fighting for the lead while facing the complicated task of defining themselves to voters and assembling a majority in an exceptionally diverse city. Both candidates have logical routes forward for the runoff, and both can look to historical precedent for proof they might win. Greuel can take heart from the election of 2001, when Jim Hahn came in second in the first round of the election but rebounded to victory in the runoff after moderates who'd voted for other candidates in the first round picked him over Antonio Villaraigosa.
March 2, 2013 | By Maeve Reston and James Rainey, Los Angeles Times
The top three Los Angeles mayoral candidates began an aggressive final push Saturday to get out the vote for Tuesday's primary contest, swooping in to Little League games, house parties and campaign phone banking operations - warning that the outcome could come down to a few votes because a low turnout is expected. At a contentious debate Friday night, City Councilwoman Jan Perry and Councilman Eric Garcetti railed against record-breaking spending by labor-backed groups on behalf of City Controller Wendy Greuel.
March 1, 2013 | By Don Lee, Los Angeles Times
The toll from the Eurozone debt crisis mounted in January. The Eurozone's jobless rate climbed to a record 11.9%, from 11.8% in December, as the 17-member single-currency bloc continues to grapple with recession and the effects of stringent government cutbacks, according to figures reported Friday. By comparison, the U.S. unemployment rate was 7.9% in January, and its highest since the Great Depression was 10.8% during the 1982-83 recession. The Eurozone's population is about 317 million, similar to the U.S. The U.S. jobless rate for February will be released March 8. Within the Eurozone, jobless rates varied widely.
February 23, 2013
There was a time when the Clippers' second unit overwhelmed teams with its play. But then injuries began to hit some of the Clippers starters, forcing some reserves to become starters. And because of that, it seemed to knock the bench off kilter a little, and now the reserves are trying to get their groove all the way back. It all started when backup point guard Eric Bledsoe had to start after Chris Paul went down for 12 games with a bruised right kneecap. With no backup for Bledsoe, Clippers Coach Vinny Del Negro was forced to use backup shooting guard Jamal Crawford as the next point guard in line.
February 22, 2013
Re "Obama pressures GOP to stave off 'meat cleaver' cuts," Feb. 20 As the next fiscal cliff deadline of March 1 approaches, when deep automatic federal budget cuts will come into effect, maybe it's time for someone to inform President Obama that the election is over. There's no need for him to continue campaigning. He needs to do the job we elected him to do. Instead, we get rhetoric and sound bites. Obama's most recent public recital took place Tuesday when he invited first responders and other civil servants to the White House, where he informed the nation that if sequestration happened, "people will lose their jobs.
February 21, 2013
Some of the same singers and musicians who were honored at the Grammy Awards 10 days ago picked up more trophies in London at the Brit Awards. Frank Ocean was named international male solo artist, the Black Keys won as international group, and Mumford & Sons collected the award for British group. Chanteuse Emeli Sandé took the first award of the Wednesday evening event at the 02 Arena, for British female artist, and the last, album, for "Our Version of Events. " Adele won the British single prize for her James Bond theme "Skyfall.
February 17, 2013
Re "For Hagel, opposition from GOP is personal," Feb. 15 Despite the fact that a Cabinet nomination has never in history been blocked by a minority filibuster, Republicans are filibustering Chuck Hagel's appointment as secretary of Defense. Alexander Hamilton, one of the most conservative of the Founding Fathers, decried minority rule in the Federalist Papers. Several Republican senators announced their opposition to filibustering a Cabinet nomination, and yet the Republicans filibustered anyway.
February 17, 2013
Re "Obama sells economic ideas, but GOP resists," Feb. 14 This is weird. Even though the GOP was soundly defeated in the last election, its elected officials continue to think they had a really good strategy to take back the White House. Their plan was to attack the president and his ideas and hope that everyone would say, "Yeah, Barack Obama is bad, so I'm voting for Mitt Romney. " So here we are: Obama is back in the Oval Office, and the Republicans are attacking and obstructing without offering anything of substance.
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