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December 19, 2010 | By Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times Music Critic
"In the Middle Ages," Sara Maitland writes in her brilliant "A Book of Silence," "Christian scholastics argued that the devil's basic strategy was to bring human beings to a point where they are never alone with their God, nor ever attentively face to face with another human being. " Hence our Faustian pact with Facebook, with cellphones, with virtual everything . Overstimulation is one outcome of social media and the sheer intrusiveness of modern life, the noise of it all. But in 2010, the backlash began in earnest.
October 20, 2010
Notes for sale Re "Stern lecture from CSU," Oct. 15 Cheating and plagiarism have been problems on college and university campuses for years. To me, buying someone else's lecture notes falls into a similar category. More than 20 years ago, two students in one of my classes turned in nearly identical "research" papers that they bought from an entrepreneur of the time. I told them what I would tell students today who purchase someone's notes: Doing your own research and taking your own notes are part of your university learning experience.
September 2, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
Then-Atty. Gen. Alberto R. Gonzales mishandled highly classified notes about a secret counter-terrorism program, but not on purpose, according to a memo by his legal team. The memo, obtained by the Associated Press, acknowledges that Gonzales improperly stored notes about the program and might have taken them home at one point -- a violation of government policy. The classified notes focus on a March 2004 meeting with congressional leaders about a national security program that was about to expire.
July 28, 1996
We at the Hollywood Bowl were delighted to have our "musical notes" landscape pictured in the So SoCal article about topiary ("A Cut Above," by Bill Stern, June 16). Stern didn't mean to say, of course, that Hollywood has really gone to seed. We think of our "notes" not as seedy but as magical, like the music played here. Bob Ginn, grounds supervisor Hollywood Bowl
The notes handwritten by Dr. Xavier Caro broke a night of horrors into a simple, eight-part, step-by-step chronology. Projected on a Ventura courtroom wall, the first entry consisted of just a few terse phrases: "Lights on; kitchen clean; quiet. Cora down; hair in face; vomitus (frothy blood) seen; call 911."
July 15, 1990
Readers of "Notes on a Fascist Disneyland," by Alan Berlow (May 20), may be interested to know that in 1989 Congress appropriated $250,000 in humanitarian assistance for Burma's courageous students. The fight was led by Dana Rohrabacher (R-Lomita), who expended considerable political capital securing financial aid for a pro-democracy movement that, unlike China's, has not enjoyed generous coverage from foreign correspondents and camera crews. To date, despite the desperate need of students living in Burma's remote and underdeveloped border regions for medical supplies and other necessities, these funds have yet to be disbursed by our sclerotic foreign aid bureaucracy.
February 21, 1992 | MIKE KUPPER
Josh Thompson of Gunnison, Colo., finished 16th in the men's 20-kilometer biathlon race, the best U.S. biathlon showing of the Games. "I just felt better out there today. I've been skiing the course more and now I'm comfortable with it. At first, the climbs were a little intimidating. Now they're not so bad." Thompson said he felt much better with his showings here than he did four years ago at Calgary. "I'm walking away with a smile on my face this time," he said.
April 27, 2013 | Los Angeles Times
When packing, pick one basic color around which to create your "fashion palette" so you have plenty of mix-and-match outfits to choose from. Marlene Hassel Newport Beach Keep extensive notes on your trips. I have traveled a great deal and have kept those notes. I filled up a notebook on my 30-day trip across Europe on a Eurail pass. Now that I am about to celebrate my 100th birthday and am writing my memoirs, I have all the juicy details of things that happened on my trips: forgetting to take a towel to swim in the Olympic pool in Munich, Germany; the reception I went to in Salzburg, Austria; the green and red figs in Dubrovnik, Croatia; the 550 steps at Santorini, Greece.
July 10, 1987
Avco Financial Services Inc. said that it is offering to purchase its outstanding senior and senior subordinated notes in four series having a aggregate value of $400 million. A company spokesman said that Avco is "willing to purchase any and all" of the notes. The offer expires Friday, July 17.
January 3, 1989
Calmar Spraying Systems Inc. has registered to sell $140 million in discount notes to pay for the acquisition of Calmar Inc., a large manufacturer of non-aerosol plastic pump sprayers, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Calmar Spraying, in City of Industry, was created to acquire Calmar Inc. in a management buyout transaction organized by Freeman Spogli & Co.
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