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May 21, 1989 | From United Press International
A Navy nuclear submarine, crippled by a propulsion problem, surfaced and was limping back to port at Pearl Harbor on auxiliary power, Navy officials said Saturday. The Los Angeles-class Helena lost normal propulsion Wednesday and was forced to surface about 500 miles west of Midway Island, a Pacific Fleet Submarine Force spokesman said. There was nothing wrong with the submarine's nuclear reactor, which continued to supply power to the submarine's electrical system, he said.
July 5, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
The army under President Pervez Musharraf supervised a shipment of uranium centrifuges to North Korea in 2000, the disgraced architect of Pakistan's atomic weapons program said. The claim is the most controversial leveled by Abdul Qadeer Khan, who has been agitating for an end to house arrest and backing off his 2004 confession that he was solely responsible for spreading nuclear arms technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. The retired scientist's comments could prove embarrassing for Pakistan, which has repeatedly denied that the army or government knew about Khan's activities before 2003.
August 24, 1985
I am stunned by the cavalier attitude taken by Edward Cornish in his recent column. To enter into the "survivability" guessing game is to completely miss the point of the great challenge facing humankind today. It is not, "Can we survive?"but rather, "Can we move beyond this insanity called war?" Modern technology has given us the growing capacity to destroy all life on this planet--the only thing that will save us is to change our Stone Age thinking about war in this world of nuclear reality--and move beyond war as a means of conflict resolution.
February 22, 2004
I felt a flash of anger when I read "Russia Tests Missile That Could Evade U.S. Defense" (Feb. 19). Presidents Vladimir Putin and Bush are like two swaggering little boys, except these two hold the security of the world in their hands. It is shocking that we take stories about destroying each other seriously -- but they are deadly serious. What insanity to think that nuclear war would leave behind a world worth inhabiting. I hope and pray that we may awaken with a change of heart, that we learn to include one another so that we might live peacefully on this Earth.
May 5, 2006
Re "Latest last chance on Iran," editorial, May 3 The Times seems to suggest that as an incentive for Iran to fall in line with U.S. demands, it may be sufficient to offer normalized diplomatic and trade relations. What? This is not some high school popularity contest. Iran has the right to develop nuclear technology and will not give it up. Iran also has legitimate security concerns. The sooner the West recognizes these facts, the sooner a meaningful dialogue based on mutual respect can start.
June 12, 2004
Re "We Need a Global Attack on Nuclear Proliferation," Commentary, June 7: Thank you, Madeleine Albright and Robin Cook, for concisely outlining the crucial need for results at the G-8 summit. But I think the final point is the most vital: The nuclear leaders of the world (the U.S. and Russia) must be committed to nonproliferation at home. The hypocrisy of President Bush calling for disarmament in the rest of the world while simultaneously developing new weapons systems only fuels the fury of the very "rogue nations" and terrorists we claim to be fighting.
October 18, 2002
Re "N. Korea Discloses Secret Nuclear Arms Program," Oct 17: In the two places where we left our business unfinished, North Korea and Iraq, we now face belligerent dictators willing and able to threaten our country. The war against North Korea was the first coalition action of the new U.N. The fear of world opinion and communist China, at that time weak, caused us to stop short, which left North Korea alive and dangerous. It was another U.N. coalition action, against Iraq, that again -- because of fear of world opinion and of its neighbor Iran -- stopped short of ending that regime's threat against us and its dreams of regional domination.
April 18, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
A Canadian man has been charged with trying to export nuclear technology to Iran, his native country, police said. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector Greg Johnson said Mahmoud Yadegari tried to ship pressure transducers, which are devices that can be used in enriching uranium. The United States and its allies accuse Iran of trying to develop nuclear weapons secretly under the guise of a civilian atomic energy program. Authorities said Yadegari improperly described the items, understated their value and removed some of their packaging and labeling when trying to ship them to a company in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, that had affiliations in Iran.
February 10, 1987 | Associated Press
Six anti-nuclear weapons activists were arrested after they hiked to the desolate Nevada Test Site in hopes of halting a test they say is scheduled for Thursday. The six, members of the Rocky Mountain Peace Test, based in Boulder, Colo., were taken to Beatty, where they face charges of trespassing on government property. Two of the protesters were arrested Sunday about noon, two others late Sunday night and the last two before dawn Monday. The six entered the 1,350-square-mile desert site Jan.
September 9, 2008 | From the Associated Press
The United States remains "dangerously vulnerable" to chemical, biological and nuclear attacks seven years after 9/11, a forthcoming independent study concludes. The recent political rupture between Russia and the U.S. only makes matters worse, said Lee H. Hamilton, the former Democratic congressman from Indiana who helped lead the 9/11 Commission and now chairs the independent group's latest study. Efforts to reduce access to nuclear technology and bomb-making materials have slowed, thousands of U.S. chemical plants remain unprotected, and the U.S. government continues to oppose strengthening an international treaty to prevent bioterrorism, according to the report produced by the bipartisan Partnership for a Secure America.
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