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Nuestro Tiempo

August 29, 1991
The Artes de Mexico Festival will be a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds, highlighting not only the works of Mexican artists but also those of Mexican-Americans in the Los Angeles area. The illustrations on the cover are representative of the festival's events. The mural "Corrido de Boyle Heights," at top, by the East Los Streetscapers, will be seen on a guided bus tour of the murals of East L.A.
January 17, 1991
Thank you very much for the issues of Nuestro Tiempo. I look forward to receiving and reading more issues to come! ANNE FAIRBROTHER, Salinas, Calif.
August 6, 1992
I was really shocked to see two full color ads in the July 2 Nuestro Tiempo for plastic surgery "nose jobs" for Latinos. I was shocked because I think it gives this section a lousy image: Latino women should change their noses. Their innate, natural beauty isn't accepted in the European-dominated culture. Middle-income and low-income Latinas should spend their money on these services. I think it is a terrible image of Latina women. I'm not a member of the Latino community but I do work with many college-age Latinos and these ads are disgusting to me. CAROLD DOCAN Granada Hills
October 10, 1991
A variety of Mexican arts and cultural events are in full swing throughout Southern California in two festivals: Artes de Mexico and Mexico: A Work of Art. The activities are companions to the mammoth exhibition, "Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries," which opened Oct. 6 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The Aug. 29 Nuestro Tiempo presented a special section with extensive listings of events. The following listings cover some of the new or updated events.
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