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June 29, 1990
I agreed with all but one word of Lee Dembart's review of the Ralph W. Moss book, "The Cancer Industry: Unravelling the Politics" (June 5). That single, inaccurate word was "dietitians," being used so out of context in association with Laetrilists, vitamin advocates and believers in the power of positive thinking. Perhaps Dembart meant "nutritionists," a word that has no legal meaning. Anyone, including health food store clerks, Nutri-System counselors, sports trainers, Herbalife distributors or even your grandmother, can call themselves a nutritionist.
October 1, 1997 | Bloomberg News
H.J. Heinz Co.'s Weight Watchers International Inc. settled long-standing federal deceptive advertising charges by agreeing to permanently trim the diet company's claims about the success of its programs. The settlement, which requires that certain disclosures accompany weight-loss claims, formalizes a policy that Weight Watchers says it has followed since shortly after the Federal Trade Commission filed suit in 1993. The settlement marks the culmination of an FTC crackdown on U.S.
The good thing about "Diets That Work" is that it will save you time and maybe even money if you want to lose weight. Deralee Scanlon has cut through the 17,000--or more--diet programs available and zeroed in on 28 she considers safe and effective. She also evaluates 18 best-selling diet books. Scanlon is a registered dietitian and diet therapist and writes the weekly column "Ask the Dietitian," which appears in several newspapers.
February 10, 2011 | By Mary Forgione, Tribune Health
What do guys do to lose weight? Our "two guys" have been chronicling their efforts since January. At the moment, Tony is eating cookies, and Jimmy’s doing Nutrisystem. And film director Kevin Smith is doing … um ....not sure. Smith chatted earlier this week with Joy Behar on her TV show (see video above) and talked about his weight rather than his controversial movie "Red State. " There's less of him, 65 pounds less, but he never reveals how he did it -- smart and sensible or fast and faddish?
January 24, 2011 | Jimmy Orr, Los Angeles Times
The following is a blog documenting two Los Angeles Times editors' attempts to lose weight (even on an NFL playoffs weekend).  It all began on Jan. 10 . My trainer, Mike, weighed me in at 205 pounds on Jan. 8.  Two weeks later on the same scale, I scored a 195.  That’s a 3 ½-pounds drop in the last week after the initial 6 ½-pounds decrease the first week.  Now I’m on the highway to the danger zone.   Just like Tom Cruise in "Top Gun," I’m doing battle this Monday in the sky.  No, not with Iceman or some Russian MiGs.
February 7, 2011 | By Jimmy Orr, Los Angeles Times
The following is a blog documenting two Los Angeles Times editors' attempts to lose weight. It all began on Jan. 10 . First up: the scale. My trainer weighed me in at 205 lbs. on Jan. 8. Four weeks later, I'm weighing-in at 191. I've strayed from my dietary plan twice so far. The evening of the Delmonico steaks and this past Friday when I had a turtle sundae (oops). But who's complaining? Fourteen pounds lost with two mulligans. Not bad. Nutrisystem food holding up just fine.
January 19, 2011 | Jimmy Orr / Los Angeles Times
NOTE: This is a blog about two guys attempting to lose weight over a six-week period. They kicked off their weight-loss "strategies" on Jan 10. “Glad I’m not you,” e-mailed Health Know-it-all Tami Dennis, remarking on my food choices from the day before. “Dude, you need protein,” wrote my Boston friend Casey. “I was beginning to think I'd see you being removed by ‘Jaws of Life from your house or buried in a piano case,” said longtime pal Rob on my Facebook page.
April 3, 2013 | By Jenn Harris
Brit Marling may not be a household name yet, but the budding actress and screenwriter is well on her way. The Georgetown-educated Marling has been around the indie movie scene for a couple of years with the films "Political Disaster" and "Another Earth," which she co-wrote. But her career picks up speed this month with roles in the new films "The East" and "The Company You Keep," which hits theaters Friday.   Marling can also be seen with actor Eddie Redmayne on the cover of the April issue of W magazine as two of fashion's next big things.
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