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January 9, 1993
Carter, Charlene, 47, of Ventura, former flight attendant for Braniff Airlines. Ted Mayr Funeral Home, Ventura. Gere, Leon, 78, of Camarillo, retired mail handler for U.S. Postal Service. Payton Mortuary, Oxnard. Griffis, Herminia, 65, of Ventura, retired auditor for The Gap. Ted Mayr Funeral Home, Ventura. Johns, Raymond C., Jr., 74, of Oak View, retired industrial engineer for city of Port Hueneme. Ted Mayr Funeral Home, Ventura. Stauffer, Lois Evelyn, 76, of Thousand Oaks, homemaker.
August 29, 1993 | MATTHEW MOSK
A 40-year-old motorcyclist died early Saturday after running into a tree alongside California 33 in Ojai, authorities said. A passing motorist discovered the body of Mark Douglas Becker of Oak View in the driveway of Villanova School at 4:20 a.m., the Sheriff's Department reported. Authorities determined that Becker was southbound on the highway when he left the roadway and struck the tree. He died of head injuries despite having a helmet on.
March 31, 1995
I was intrigued by The Times article in which you made known to all how well Ventura County Municipal Court Judge John R. Smiley knows his own kind ("Wife's Position Blocks Plan to Elevate Judge, March 11). His decision not to allow Municipal Court Judge John E. Dobroth to become a Superior Court judge demonstrated very clearly Mr. Smiley's belief that the people comprising the Ventura County Municipal Court do not possess the integrity and maturity to make rational and just decisions uncolored by their personal passions, prejudices and politics.
October 15, 1999
Walter A. Stinnett, a retired Southern California Gas Co. employee, died at Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura on Wednesday. He was 71. Born on Feb. 9, 1928, in Oklahoma, he moved with his family to Wasco, Calif., and later graduated from high school. Stinnett was a resident of Oak View for 35 years and had retired from the gas company in Goleta. During the last 10 years of his career, he worked in the cathodic protection department.
March 30, 2003
In my travels over the years, no town has quite captured my heart like Leipzig, for all the reasons mentioned in "Exhortations for Resistance Again Echo From Leipzig Pulpit" (March 26): Bach, the music and poetry (and I add the city's music and literary publishing industries as well as the composers Robert and Clara Schumann). But my love for this city has grown in the last two decades for a special reason: the St. Nikolai Church. Once the place of Bach's university duties, now it is the gathering place for the fierce and staunch opposition of the citizenry to the oppressive regime of communist East Germany in 1989 and, today, to protest the aggression of the Bush administration.
February 18, 1996
When O.J. Simpson can't even buy advertising space on television or in newspapers for his videotape, why would you decide to run a free ad for him on the front page of The Times (Newswatch, Feb. 16)? Since when is it newsworthy that a videotape producer receives his merchandise orders at a Thousand Oaks post office box? I have read The Times for many years, but I can only echo the letter to the editor that appeared a few days ago, asking that you not print non-news items about Simpson.
February 22, 1998
Re "Five Deer Trapped in Bureaucratic Mess," Feb. 12. We cannot tell you how pleased we were with Nick Green's article on the Faulkner Farm deer. Nick was able to treat the story with a sense of fairness and the realization that there are no real villains in this situation, only five potential victims. While the outcome may be uncertain, it is wonderful knowing that people will be aware of what is happening and have an opportunity to weigh in on what they want their government employees to do. If people wish to contact either myself or my husband David directly on what they can do to help save the Faulkner Farm deer, please feel free to provide our phone number: (805)
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