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October 12, 2008 | Tom Roston, Special to The Times
"It WAS one of those wonderful phone calls," Robby Benson says, recalling February when producer Larry Mortoff dialed him up and asked if he wanted to direct "Billy: The Early Years," a new film about evangelist Billy Graham being released in late October. "It's why so many people are in show business. Because, mostly, you don't get the good phone calls." It wasn't always this way.
March 1, 2010 | By Teresa Watanabe
Mickey Komai opens one of the leather-bound books stored in his Little Tokyo office and delicately turns the yellowed pages filled with Japanese and English script. Here in the pages of the bilingual newspaper his family has run for most of a century is the tumultuous story of Japanese Americans in Southern California. The Rafu Shimpo covered acts to ban Japanese from owning land, bringing over brides and eventually immigrating at all. "Why do people hate the Japanese?" the paper plaintively asked in one 1926 issue.
July 18, 1993 | D. M. Thomas, Thomas, a British poet and novelist, is the author of 10 novels, including "The White Hotel," "Ararat" and "Flying in to Love."
In the manner of Pushkin beginning his "Golden Cockerel" ("Somewhere, some time long since gone/Lived the glorious Tsar Dadon. . . ."), Donald Harington lets us know from the first sentence that we are to be in a world where art is at least as important as reality: "Ekaterina you were, and you were not at all. You were from a land far away, once upon a time and upon no time at all . . .
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