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October 10, 1992
Most bullpen relievers are called firemen. I have a suggested name for the Dodger relief corps--the Arsonists. I have been a Dodger fan since they moved to Los Angeles and have never been more disgusted than this year. I would like to give Peter O'Malley some advice. When you clean house, start with Fred Claire. This man should go back to writing sports or obituaries or whatever he did. Then after Tom Lasorda moves somewhere, send the entire bullpen crew packing and when they go, take Ron Perranoski along with them.
April 22, 1992
I would like to add the following two points, both of which have annoyed me for some time: 1) Seems to me there's a plethora of women in Section A of The Times, but they're all in their underwear. Why are there so many bra "sales" as compared to, say, men's underwear or anything else for that matter? 2) Judging from the obituaries, women never die! Or is it just that there aren't any whose passing is worth noting? MARY A. BROWN Burbank
October 12, 1985
Scott Ostler's column of Oct. 8 ("Oh, What a Story Mauch and the Angels Almost Wrote") was a wanton waste of newsprint. It should have been condensed and placed with the obituaries. DON MARSH Orange
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