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January 27, 2002
Re "Council Split Over Call to Ban Billboards," Jan. 23: Billboards are nothing more than a crass, vulgar form of commercialism and do nothing but show what a lack of taste and appreciation we have for the beautiful part of the world we live in. They are ugly and a distraction to motorists. At a time in our history when there are so many other forms of media available to business, this form of advertisement has in fact been rendered obsolete. There is no longer a reason to trade the lost beauty of our skyline for the sake of promoting a product.
December 3, 2013 | Steve Lopez
The visits were two weeks apart. First, I toured the Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles. And then, on a family trip to San Francisco last week, I visited Alcatraz, which is now a national park. One of the two old pens is hopelessly decrepit, with leaky pipes, bad wiring and a ridiculously outdated design. That would be the Men's Central Jail, which dates to 1963, the year Alcatraz ceased operating as a federal lockup. Alcatraz had its own problems as a prison, and its isolation was responsible for exorbitant operating costs.
December 4, 1994
So the Villa Park City Council "Denounces Federal Clean Air Plan" (Nov. 28) because school buses that emit an unhealthy level of carcinogenic exhaust would be rendered "obsolete" to the tune of $600 million. With all the money saved, perhaps the City Council might have the largess to pass an additional resolution--one that provides oxygen masks to students riding those obsolete and dangerously polluting vehicles. M. POWER GIACOLETTI Lake Forest
November 18, 2013 | Jerry Hirsch
For decades, hydrogen fuel cell cars have been the automotive technology of tomorrow: the big idea, for someday far in the future. No longer. At auto shows in Los Angeles and Tokyo this week, Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co. and Hyundai Motor Co. will introduce hydrogen-powered cars. Hyundai's will reach U.S. showrooms next year, while the other models will begin selling a year later. It amounts to “a coming out party for hydrogen,” said John Krafcik, chief executive of Hyundai Motor America.
March 11, 1990
The question I wondered after reading Weidenbaum is: Can we afford peace? If war, perchance, becomes obsolete and America is armed to the teeth, will we become obsolete? Or, as in Japan during the restoration of the emperor that caused massive unemployment for the warrior class that led to Pearl Harbor, will we have to use this war machine somewhere somehow to justify it? Do we control it or does it control us? As for me, I am content with what total peace will bring! The risks are worth it. DANIEL T. DEVINE Los Angeles
June 15, 1991
All those churches, pastors, religious groups and individuals who desperately believe in changing God's word to conform to a sexually changing society (June 6 and June 7) need to be reminded that biblical morality is as obsolete as the human race. PATTI GARRITY Manhattan Beach
July 9, 1992
Thanks to Marston for his perspective on gangs. It seems that as time goes by we as a society--instead of recognizing the need for creative and daring programs, that may or may not work--plunge headlong into redoubling our efforts at obsolete and stale solutions that we know don't work. NATALIE BROWN Beverly Hills
January 17, 1999
Re "Discovering That Manners Class Doesn't Measure Up," Jan. 2. What is he trying to say; that manners are obsolete? This exemplifies the downgrading of the civilities of our society. I thought newspapers were supposed to lead the way in proper behavior in all fields, not downgrade behavior. Good manners in all areas are a mark of education and self control--valuable assets. Terrible article, in my opinion. ALICE BESSMAN Los Angeles
April 15, 2002
Re "Minority Levels Rebound at UC," April 5: Now that the University of California has achieved its diversity goals and race-based admissions are against the Constitution, why don't we take the next logical step and cease collecting, analyzing and reporting on the obsolete, ambiguous, scientifically discredited, 19th century and racist concept of race. Come to think of it, let's do the same thing with the U.S. census. Robin Purciel Anaheim
June 11, 2006
It was with a profound sense of poignancy that I read your Column One (June 3) about the air crash disaster that occurred over the Grand Canyon in 1956. My grandparents -- Walter and Stella Fuchs -- were passengers on the ill-fated United Airlines DC-7. Although I was only 8 years old at the time, I vividly recall the horror and chaos that surrounded my family as the tragic news came to light. I did not know the details of the crash site until reading the article: the pools of melted aluminum, debris forced deep into rock surfaces, the fact that most of both planes still remain much as they were 50 years ago. To those of us whose loved ones' lives were extinguished that day, echoes of the event still reverberate in unexpected ways too numerous to detail here.
September 1, 2013 | By Hugo Martín
The digital revolution has imperiled the future of many job categories, including darkroom film processor, typewriter repairman and telephone operator. With the surge of sophisticated travel websites, can we include travel agents to the list of nearly obsolete jobs? As you might expect, the American Society of Travel Agents doesn't think so. The trade group that represents more than 5,900 travel agents and travel firms rejects the notion that travel websites will eventually put warmhearted agents out of work.
September 1, 2013 | By Hugo Martin
The digital revolution has imperiled the future of many job categories, including darkroom film processor, typewriter repairman and telephone operator. With the surge of sophisticated travel websites, can we include travel agents to the list of nearly obsolete jobs? As you might expect, the American Society of Travel Agents doesn't think so. The trade group that represents more than 5,900 travel agents and travel firms rejects the notion that travel websites will eventually put warm-hearted agents out of work.
July 16, 2013 | By Richard Fausset
MEXICO CITY - Cuba announced Tuesday that the missile parts the Panamanian government found hidden in a North Korean cargo ship heading home were part of a stash of aging military equipment in need of repair. Cuba's Exterior Relations Ministry said the North Korean ship contained 240 metric tons, or about 529,000 pounds, of "obsolete defensive armaments" that were being sent to North Korea to be repaired and returned to Cuba; it said it also carried about 10,000 tons of sugar. Among the armaments, the ministry statement said, were two antiaircraft missile systems, nine missiles "in parts and pieces," two MIG-21s and 15 engines for such planes.
June 8, 2013 | By Bill Shaikin, Los Angeles Times
From Wells to Ethier For all the magic Yasiel Puig worked in his first week in the major leagues, let us not overlook this trick: He turned Andre Ethier into Vernon Wells . The Angels took on the $86 million owed to Wells when they traded for him in 2011. He lost his job the next year, with the emergence of Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo in the Angels' outfield, and he was traded to the New York Yankees this year. Of that $86 million, the Angels will end up paying $72 million.
May 4, 2013 | By Gina Piccalo
This story has been updated. See note below. Amanda Demme isn't who she used to be. And that's probably a good thing. Just ask her. She'll tell you she's been in hiding for six years, casting off the pretensions that came with life as a famous (and infamous) Hollywood impresario. "It was a great time," Demme said last week of that raucous era at the Roosevelt Hotel, when A-listers clamored to get into her parties. "But it was a time. Lost my mind. " PHOTOS: Celebrities by The Times FOR THE RECORD: Amanda Demme: In the May 4 Calendar section, an article about photographer Amanda Demme said that Demme's work is being shown at the Venice gallery Oblivion.
April 30, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Desktop computers appear to be dying, but BlackBerry Chief Executive Thorsten Heins says he thinks tablets will die soon too. Heins said he believes tablet computers will become obsolete in five years, and as such, BlackBerry has no plans to enter the business again. "This is your one and only computing power that you will carry with you," said Heins, holding up one of BlackBerry's new smartphones. PHOTOS: The top smartphones of 2013 Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills on Monday afternoon, Heins said he recently returned his laptop to BlackBerry's information technology department and now uses only his smartphone and tablet.
March 15, 2000
Betsy Ross has it all wrong, just like most Republicans (Commentary, March 10). We do not need to increase skilled immigrants. We need to improve our K-12 schools and colleges and provide more vocational training for kids after they finish high school, if they decide not to go on to college. Corporate America does a very poor job of offering training to young employees so that they can move up the ladder, or stay current on needed skills. In our dynamic global economy people will change careers many times because their skills or skilled jobs become obsolete, and on their own they must retrain for new skilled jobs.
April 13, 1989
The National Guard has more than 100 computers and close to 5,000 terminals that are collecting dust because it has been slow in purchasing software needed to run them, a House subcommittee was told. The Army National Guard Bureau, believing its Burroughs 1900s computers would be obsolete by 1986, bought 119 Unisys 5000 minicomputers, about 5,000 terminals and hundreds of printers and other equipment as part of a June, 1986, contract. But units in 54 states and territories are still using the Burroughs 1900s because they lack the software to operate the Unisys computers, which may be obsolete after 1991.
April 25, 2013 | By Marissa Gluck
That sound you hear is the past calling. And possibly the future. An enterprising group of USC students, artists and community leaders in Leimert Park have been looking to a relic, the pay phone, as a portal to the neighborhood's rich cultural history. The result was the Leimert Phone Co., a five-week design research lab led by USC professor Francois Bar, PhD candidates Benjamin Stokes and Karl Baumann, and Ben Caldwell, the owner of the local new media center Kaos Network. Three teams looked at the obsolete technology of the pay phone to explore how aging infrastructure could be repurposed.
March 26, 2013 | By Chris Megerian, Los Angeles Times
SACRAMENTO - California's first attempt to run a park more than a century ago was a disaster. Over a campfire in the backcountry, John Muir himself urged President Theodore Roosevelt to rescue thousands of acres in the Yosemite Valley from the state's neglect - and it remains a national park to this day. The state found redemption after that rocky start, and went on to preserve 1.5 million acres of coastline, forests, mountains and historic sites,...
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