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Oil And Water

February 7, 1988
It seems odd the government, in the form of the IRS, would suddenly impose a severe penalty on people trying to help people! We refer of course to the change in charitable contributions which can no longer be claimed as a deduction unless Form 1040 is itemized. We had thought early in the year the change meant the cash donations would have to be itemized on the return as to the organization, address, and amount. With that in mind, we carefully saved cancelled checks, 123 of them for a total of $3,335, only to find that itemizing means preparing a long form with regard to medical, casualty, etc. This is like mixing oil and water as the people who have catastrophic expenses will be the least able to give money away.
Detouring sentiment and dodging potholes, the character-driven TV movie "Cab to Canada" offers a smooth and pleasurable ride, serving as a sturdy vehicle for the indomitable Maureen O'Hara. Fueled by an actual incident, the film quickly gets into gear by introducing gruff, gravel-voiced Mike (Jason Beghe), a Pasadena cabby whose latest fare is the refined and rigid septuagenarian Katherine (O'Hara).
May 4, 1991
Under the state Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, Ventura County must report each week the toxic and potentially toxic materials discharged. The discharges are investigated by the county Environmental Health Division. DATE April 16 LOCATION 205 S. Anacapa St., Ventura MATERIAL 15 gallons of waste oil and solvent DATE April 22 LOCATION Cloyne and Shell roads, Ventura MATERIAL 50 gallons of crude oil DATE April 22 LOCATION Coastal Enameling, 1120 Industrial Ave.
February 14, 1986
Nearly a million gallons of oil spewed into Ballona Creek from an unidentified underground source Thursday night, while firefighters and others battled to contain the flow before it could reach the ocean. Los Angeles City Fire Department Battalion Chief John Mittendorf said the oil appeared to come from a source--possibly a broken pipeline--near the 5800 block of Jefferson Boulevard, about eight miles from the point where Ballona Creek empties into Santa Monica Bay near Marina del Rey.
August 24, 1994 | MARTIN MILLER
A backed-up pipeline sent more than 100 gallons of an oil-water mixture bubbling from beneath three manhole covers Tuesday, forcing officials to divert traffic as they cleaned up the mess. The smelly black substance began flowing onto State College Boulevard between Commonwealth and Chapman avenues about 2 p.m. Fullerton firefighters erected several dirt dikes in an effort to contain the mixture and prevent it from oozing into storm drains.
June 21, 1990 | JOANNA M. MILLER
The city of Oxnard and the Ventura Regional Sanitation District are sponsoring a household hazardous waste collection on Saturday for Oxnard residents who would like to dispose of pesticides, paint thinners and other chemical waste. The waste will be collected from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Oxnard Equipment Yard, 1060 Pacific Ave. Acceptable items for disposal include poisons, corrosives, furniture and auto polish, varnishes, pool chlorine, acids and wood preservatives.
January 5, 1987 | Nancy Wride
The stuff frothing down the gutter at an Anaheim chemical company Sunday afternoon had a "rainbow sheen," the same effect created when water and petroleum mix. Because a large amount of chemicals are stored at the facility on South Street, and because of Sunday's onslaught of rain, members of the Anaheim Fire Department's hazardous materials team were concerned with the potential for a serious spread of toxic substances. So they diked the storm drains outside Dixco-Diversified Chemical Sales Co.
February 19, 2009 | Associated Press
A mixture of oil and water leaking from an ExxonMobil platform has spread across a mile of ocean off the Southern California coast, federal and state officials said. Initial reports indicated the leak came from a deck drainage tank where rainwater, lubricants and fluids drain into a sump unit, said Coast Guard spokeswoman Stephanie Young. She said the company reported the leak Monday and was still working to stop the mixture from seeping into the Santa Barbara Channel. It was unclear how much oil -- which Young described as a light lubricant, not crude oil -- had spilled.
August 2, 2013 | By David Ng
Next year's highly anticipated retrospective of artist Jeff Koons won't be debuting in Los Angeles as previously expected, according to a recent report. Bloomberg has reported that the show, which will be Koons' first major retrospective in years, will instead premiere in New York at the Whitney Museum of American Art before traveling to Paris at the Centre Pompidou. GRAPHIC: MOCA's ups and downs with Jeffrey Deitch Koons had been expected to unveil the exhibition in January at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art. But a Whitney spokesman told Bloomberg in a report published Friday that MOCA has bowed out of the show and that it will premiere in New York in June.
June 8, 2000
Q: Why does a cotton towel absorb water better than one made of polyester or other synthetic fabrics? A: Cotton's ability to absorb water has to do with a phenomenon called hydrogen bonding, according to chemists Kerry Karukstis and Gerald Van Hecke of Harvey Mudd College. It is essentially the same phenomenon that explains why oil and water don't mix. Sugar molecules, for example, contain many hydroxyl groups that can hydrogen bond to water molecules, so it dissolves in water easily.
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