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Olive Vista Junior High School

May 12, 2009 | Amy Orozco
Named by Italian immigrants for its once abundant olive groves, Sylmar means sea (mar) of trees (silva). Now, L.A.'s northernmost neighborhood is more synonymous with fires and earthquakes, but its ties to the Mediterranean fruit live on in the names of local institutions such as Olive View Medical Center and Olive Vista Junior High School. Riding and gliding Stetson Ranch Park, one of L.A.'s two equestrian parks, shows off Sylmar's rustic roots (13877 Glenoaks Blvd., [818] 989-8891).
May 26, 1989 | CARLOS LOZANO, Times Staff Writer
A ninth-grade student convicted of stabbing his Olive Vista Junior High School teacher in the back when she attempted to discipline him during class was sentenced Thursday to the California Youth Authority for eight years. The 15-year-old youth was convicted last month of assault with a deadly weapon on a school employee after admitting to the March 6 stabbing of his English teacher, Cynthia Edwards, 37, of Palmdale. A 3-inch knife was embedded to the hilt in the back of Edward's shoulder.
March 26, 1989 | TRACEY KAPLAN, Times Staff Writer
Hal Arthur, the Grant High School teacher who was ambushed and shot to death as he was leaving his Sherman Oaks home for school early Friday, was fascinated by books about crime and mysteries. His own slaying--a seemingly precise, well-planned assassination--has presented police with the sort of mystery that might have been spun by his favorite crime writers: Why would a popular high school teacher become a target for murder? Police said Saturday that they have no leads in the case.
A 16-year-old gang member was arrested Wednesday after he pursued two rival gang members onto the campus of their junior high school in Van Nuys and shot at them, Los Angeles police said. No one was injured in the incident, which occurred about 8 a.m. at Mulholland Junior High School in the 17120 block of Vanowen Street near Balboa Boulevard, police said.
May 13, 1989 | STEPHANIE CHAVEZ, Times Staff Writer
In a duel of endorsements aimed at Latino voters, Los Angeles City Council candidate Lyle Hall announced support from state Sen. Art Torres (D-Los Angeles) while incumbent Councilman Ernani Bernardi touted a long list of backers from his northeast San Fernando Valley district. Hall, in a move to bolster support among Latino voters, called Torres "one of the best known and best respected" Latino officials in the state. Torres' senatorial district includes portions of East Los Angeles, Eagle Rock and Maywood, but does not include the council district that Hall and Bernardi are competing to represent.
May 10, 1989 | MARK GLADSTONE, Times Staff Writer
Legislation aimed at curbing assaults against school employees, partly prompted by an attack on a Sylmar junior high school teacher, cleared its first legislative hurdle Tuesday. The bill, by state Sen. Alan Robbins (D-Tarzana), was approved by the state Senate Judiciary Committee on a 9-0 vote and sent to the Appropriations Committee. Robbins' measure would increase prison penalties for attacking a school employee by up to three years, boost funding for school security in high-crime districts and require schools to inform teachers about students with histories of violence.
March 14, 1989 | SAM ENRIQUEZ, Times Staff Writer
Olive Vista Junior High School teacher Cynthia Edwards said Monday that she "shudders" thinking about returning to the classroom where she was stabbed a week ago by one of her students. "I want to cry a lot," said Edwards, 37, in a telephone interview. "I keep asking myself, 'Why? What did I do except try to teach?'
May 6, 1990 | ELLEN YAN
It was Thursday afternoon, and in earlier days Cynthia Edwards would have been in school. Instead, she was at home, digging holes in the desert sand to plant flowers with names she didn't know but whose bright colors and cheering influence she has come to depend on. Since she was stabbed in the right shoulder by one of her ninth-grade students at Olive Vista Junior High School last year, Edwards hasn't returned to teaching.
March 10, 1989 | MICHAEL CONNELLY, Times Staff Writer
A juvenile court referee refused to release a ninth-grader accused of stabbing a teacher from custody Thursday, saying the student had planned the attack, showed the knife to other students and told them what he was going to do. "Several students had been told that he was going to stab the teacher ahead of time. They didn't believe him," Sylmar Juvenile Court Referee Lloyd Jeffrey Wiatt said at an arraignment hearing for the 15-year-old Pacoima youth.
May 4, 1989 | MICHAEL CONNELLY, Times Staff Writer
A 15-year-old Pacoima youth admitted Wednesday that he stabbed a teacher in the back during an Olive Vista Junior High School class. He faces up to eight years in a juvenile prison. The thin, soft-spoken ninth-grader was charged with assault with a deadly weapon on a school employee in the March 6 attack on English teacher Cynthia Edwards, 37, of Palmdale. Edwards had called the boy to the front of a classroom at the Sylmar school after he had disturbed other students discussing Homer's "The Odyssey" by using profanity in an argument with another student.
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