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September 11, 1986 | ROSE DOSTI, Times Staff Writer
Dear SOS: Neiman-Marcus in Beverly Hills serves the best popovers I've tasted or seen just about anywhere, with one or two rare exceptions. These are beautiful, gargantuan globes that remain crisp. Most others pouf out. --STELLA Dear Stella: It so happens we had the same ecstatic experience after tasting these wonderful popovers. For best results, use traditional popover pans that have been well seasoned.
April 9, 2003 | Cindy Dorn, Times Staff Writer
Dear SOS: Some years ago you published Ismail Merchant's lemon lentils. In the mess of installing a new refrigerator, my copy has come up missing. William Teagardin Manhattan Beach Dear William: This is from a 1994 story about Merchant, the film producer. Vegetable stock can be substituted. Look for masoor dal at Indian markets and specialty stores. Lemon lentils Total time: 1 1/2 hours Servings: 5 to 6 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons oil, divided 1 onion, halved and thinly sliced 2 (2-inch)
July 23, 2008
Total time: 20 minutes, plus pickling time Servings: Makes about 4 cups Note: Shishito peppers are available at many Asian markets. 3/4 pound shishito peppers 2 1/2 cups rice vinegar 3 cloves garlic, peeled and lightly smashed 2 teaspoons kosher salt 1 tablespoon sugar 2 teaspoons dried oregano 1/2 teaspoon whole black peppercorns 1 small onion, sliced 1/4 inch thick 2 to 3 whole chiles de arbol or other small dried red chile (optional)
August 17, 2012 | By Russ Parsons
3 large zucchini (about 8 inches long, 3 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter)   Salt   1 1/2 pounds plum tomatoes   2 tablespoons olive oil, plus more if needed   1 pound ground pork   2 sprigs thyme   1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper   1 teaspoon fennel seeds   Black pepper   1 onion, chopped   2 cloves garlic, minced   1 cup cubed stale bread soaked in 1/2 cup milk   1 egg   2 tablespoons tomato...
January 20, 2011 | By Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times
  Dear SOS: El Colmao in Koreatown has the most delicious chicken stew with olives. Could you please get their recipe for El Colmao Chicken? Thank you! Susan Mooney Burbank Dear Susan: Cuban institution El Colmao credits this recipe to "old grandpa Eduardo Sousa. " The specialty features tender, slow-cooked chicken stewed in a Creole-style tomato sauce dotted with green olives and peas and spiced with chile powder. Pollo al Colmao Our recipes, your kitchen: If you try any of the L.A. Times Test Kitchen recipes from this week's Food section, please share it with us: Click here to upload pictures of the finished dish.
December 19, 1987 | BILL SIDNAM, Bill Sidnam, who lives in Orange County, tends an extensive vegetable plot
At the market, green onions sell for about 29 cents a bunch, with about six to a bunch. At a nursery, a one-pound bag of onion sets (a "set" is a small onion bulb) costs about $1 and contains nearly 200 sets and each set equals one green onion. So, for $1 you can grow almost $10 worth of green onions, and they, of course, will be fresher and tastier than the ones you buy in the store. If you are looking for a good investment, this is it.
November 29, 2012 | By Patt Morrison
You know your parody worked brilliantly when someone -- ideally a big someone -- doesn't have a clue that it's a parody. The Onion did not, in Lincoln's phrase, fool all of the people all of the time. But it evidently fooled more than a quarter of a billion people for some of the time -- the subscribers and Web readers of China's Communist Party newspaper, the People's Daily, with more than 3 million subscribers worldwide and tens of millions of daily hits to its website. This organ of well-scrubbed “information” reported as sober fact the Onion's parody of People magazine's “sexiest person alive” listing of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as its own sexiest man alive.
November 18, 2009
  Stuffed acorn squash Note: This recipe is adapted from "Cooking From Quilt Country" by Marcia Adams. She says some families enrich the stuffing with some chopped ham. Total time: About 2 hours Servings: 4 to 6 2 acorn squash 1 tablespoon oil 1 cup chopped onion 2 tablespoons minced parsley 1 slice dense textured brown bread 2 tablespoons butter, melted ...
February 20, 2000
Having been a reader and admirer of the Onion for years, I must take issue with Jeff Softley's incomprehensible and long-winded condemnation (Letters, Jan. 30). The paper lampoons current events, politics, pop culture, newspapers and the media in general. Softley claims these subjects are irrelevant. Uhhh, not if you ever leave the house, or watch TV, or read the paper. In their brilliant book, "Our Dumb Century," the Onion takes on the entire history of the 20th century! In this work especially, they exhibit, to quote Softley, "wit and clarity, an incisive perception about what is being lampooned or discussed, which gets a laugh because of a core of truth in the observation expressed."
August 29, 1991 | BARBARA HANSEN
A potful of these beans disappeared in a flash at a summer barbecue. The recipe is based loosely on one by Anders Strandberg of Gustaf Anders Restaurant in Santa Ana. Anders added the nutmeg, and I put in the bacon, onion and Chinese thick soy sauce, a molasses-based condiment that turns the beans a rich golden brown (Look for Koon Chun brand in Chinese markets).
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