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July 27, 1986
I would like to offer a correction to the July 13 article on traveling to Expo, written by Anne and Paul W. Cooke. They mentioned "Mt. Rainier, highest mountain in the contiguous 48 states." Mt. Whitney in California tops it. ELEANOR FARRELL Arcadia
March 5, 2014 | By Christine Mai-Duc, This post has been corrected, as indicated below
A campaign mailer that arrived in thousands of Long Beach homes Tuesday had all the trappings of a political blockbuster - the face and endorsement of Gov. Jerry Brown on one side, a quote from a local business owner, and a photo of a glittering waterfront skyline on the other, with the words “Getting things done for Long Beach.” But there was one problem for Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal, a Long Beach mayoral candidate. The skyline photo was of San Diego, featuring such landmarks as the distinctive One America Plaza.
December 27, 1986
Ollie Oops! CLAYTON W. HOOKER Huntington Beach
March 3, 2014 | Nardine Saad
Jennifer Lawrence has taken another tumble at the Oscars, but this time it wasn't during the telecast. Last year, Lawrence's spill going up the stairs to accept her lead actress Oscar for "Silver Linings Playbook" (and an adorable run-in with Jack Nicholson) launched her to America's-sweetheart status, but the fact that it happened again this Sunday, well, is just reinforcing the notion that she's pretty darn clumsy. Relatable, indeed. The "American Hustle" star, clad in a red peplum Dior gown, apparently stumbled over a cone as she was exiting her limo when she arrived at the Dolby Theatre red carpet.
March 16, 2000
Now that the primaries are over, from now on it'll be just Gush and Bore--oops! I meant Bush and Gore. PAUL SOMMER Studio City
July 17, 1988
Canada is great and the recent Calgary Stampede is a winner, too. An "oops" reminder for Southland motorists who may be driving in Canada this summer: Be careful as you approach the Trans-Canada Highway from a merging access on-ramp in Calgary. There is no parallel feed-in strip. You go directly into the right-hand lane. When a speeding car is approaching, it's disaster time. That's why I said "oops." Yes, the Good Lord was on my side, fortunately. MIKE WELDS Fullerton
March 14, 2009
I see where Alex Rodriguez and Eric Gagne have developed serious injuries that will keep them out of action for several months. I know of a drug they can take to facilitate the healing process. Oops, that may not be a good idea. Ralph S. Brax Lancaster
December 24, 1994
I have a question regarding Bruce McNall's assertion that he had planned all along to pay back the "borrowed" $2.36 million. Oops, multiply that by 100. Did he ever offer to return the coins he smuggled to the countries he took them from? I didn't think so. MARK BERNSTEIN Los Angeles
September 29, 1991
Re: "The Best Way to Do It" (editorial, Sept. 21): You guys are truly the gang that can't think straight. Certainly illegal immigration is best checked at the border. All illegal acts are best checked before they occur, but once they do occur, they should be checked where they can be checked, and if that means rounding up illegals in our cities and towns, then that's just the way it has to be. You guys seem to advocate a safe zone for criminals: Oops, you didn't catch me at the border, so now you can't do anything.
June 14, 2000
It is difficult for me to understand what Microsoft has done. I have used a computer for 10 years. Never have I had any trouble with Microsoft. I have had trouble getting online; this was because AOL sold too much time, too fast to accommodate customers. Where have the antitrust boys been when my grocery store was gobbled up? Oops, there goes another grocery store! Where were they when my bank was taken over? Oops, there goes another bank branch! Not once or twice but three times.
November 22, 2013 | By Michael Hiltzik
In the latest attempt by congressional Republicans to make theatrical hay out of the Affordable Care Act without actually trying to make it any better, House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) tried to make a public spectacle out of his own experience signing up for a health plan. Things didn't turn out quite the way he'd hoped. In other words, he succeeded.  It didn't seem so, at first. Boehner said he tried several times Thursday to sign on to, the troubled website that most members of Congress and their staffers will use. He claimed he got knocked off several times, understandably a frustrating experience.
October 18, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
If there was any doubt that Google is getting ready to release a new Nexus phone, the tech giant has put it to rest by prematurely revealing it on its own website. For a brief time Thursday night, the Google Play website accidentally displayed the Nexus 5 in place of its predecessor, the Nexus 4. The gaff was nothing more than a small thumbnail, but it was enough to confirm that the Nexus 5 is coming soon and what it's price will be. According to screenshots of the leak, the Nexus 5 will start at $349 for a 16-gigabyte model without contract.
September 27, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
When buying items on EBay, be careful how you type. A typing mistake caused a user to bid $10,100 for a gold iPhone 5s earlier this week -- more than 50 times the item's regular price of $200 with a two-year contract -- and got the person worldwide attention. But while the gadget is listed as sold on EBay, the item's seller said Friday that he has canceled the transaction at the request of the buyer, who apparently typed in one too many zeroes when bidding for the popular smartphone.
August 12, 2013 | David Lazarus
Jennifer Frankenberg recently learned that she had been approved to receive much-needed health insurance from Anthem Blue Cross. She also learned that she'd been denied coverage because of preexisting conditions. All in the same day. On one level, this is a fairly routine story of corporate incompetence. But it's also a stark illustration of what's currently wrong with our healthcare system and some of the ways that the healthcare reform law, for all its imperfections, addresses these problems.
May 11, 2013 | By Matt Wilhalme
New Rutgers basketball Coach Eddie Jordan was brought in to lead the university out of the embarrassment of the Mike Rice scandal, but controversy continues after the school's athletic department's website inaccurately declared Jordan had earned a degree from the institution. It turns out, Jordan, who accrued 103 credit hours from 1973 to 1985, did not receive a degree in health and physical education in 1977 as it had been claimed, according to the Associated Press. The university's athletic communications office released a statement Friday, confirming the oversight, which was first reported by Deadspin . “While Rutgers was in error when it reported that Eddie Jordan had earned a degree from Rutgers University, neither Rutgers nor the NCAA requires a head coach to hold a baccalaureate degree,” wrote the school of Jordan, with whom they agreed to a five-year contract with $6.25-million in guaranteed money.
February 27, 2013 | By Melissa Rohlin
Clippers point guard Chris Paul grabbed a loose ball during the second quarter of Tuesday's game against Charlotte and tossed it downcourt from the the opposing three-point line. The ball flew 70 feet and landed squarely in the hands of a flying Blake Griffin, who dunked the ball. After the game, Paul described the long-distance alley-oop play with his signature humility. "It was almost an accident," Paul said. "Everyone is going to think I did that on purpose, but I threw the ball just for him to catch it and take a dribble and dunk it, but I guess he saw an opportunity to not take a dribble.
February 15, 2013 | By Lisa Boone
Eric Trine , the Oregon artist whose cool technicolor latticed leather chairs won fans at the downtown Los Angeles store Poketo last year, is returning to L.A. this weekend. This time Trine is collaborating with illustrator Will Bryant , and the two Portland-based artists are calling the showing and sale of their work "Alley-Oop. " The designs premiere at an opening reception Saturday at Poketo. The collection includes beach chair versions of Trine's original latticed design, as well as wall hangings, mug cozies and graphic tees ($12 to $30 apiece)
January 10, 2013 | By Dan Loumena
Jamaal Franklin, a 6-5 guard at San Diego State, did something Wednesday night that you rarely see in an organized game of basketball, be it on the college or pro level: He threw down a dunk by passing it to himself off the backboard. Very impressive stuff considering he was running at full speed in transition and decided to make the pass from the three-point line. Some bloggers are calling it the dunk of the year. ESPN's SportsCenter made it the No. 1 highlight on Wednesday night.
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