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Open Letter

July 10, 1986 | From Reuters
One brother appealed to another across the gulf of Philippine politics Wednesday to stop supporting deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Leftist rebel leader Antonio Zumel published an open letter to Gen. Jose Maria Zumel, his older brother, who took part in the failed coup that ended Tuesday. The younger Zumel is a former journalist who went underground when Marcos imposed martial law in 1972.
January 1, 2012 | By Carolyn Kellogg, Los Angeles Times
Karaoke Culture Dubravka Ugresic Open Letter: 324 pp., $15.95 paper Dubravka Ugresic does not like karaoke. That doesn't stop her from trying it, just as her resistance to celebrity doesn't stop her from putting her head through a cutout on a Hollywood studio tour so that she can be photographed with Clark Gable. Ugresic, a game and inquisitive critic, looks at culture from all angles, which sometimes means picking up the mic . Karaoke recycles rather than creates, she argues in "Karaoke Culture," the 100-page essay that lends its name to the title of her new collection.
October 4, 1999
It is interesting that the Los Angeles Times has chosen to repeat allegations ["Pro-Microsoft Ads Were Funded by Software Giant," Sept. 18] from an article woven out of whole cloth from "internal" (read "stolen") documents obtained from a source your story neglected to credit, as the New York Times story did: "a Microsoft adversary associated with the computer industry who refused to be further identified." The Independent Institute has long acknowledged Microsoft as one of its supporters, including specifying its 7% to 8% level of support at the June 2 news conference for its Open Letter to President Clinton on Antitrust Protectionism.
May 25, 1991
An open letter to Art Spander: Dear Art, As I read your quotes on "la la land" in the L.A. Times this morning, I was on the veranda, sipping cappuccino, and I almost choked on a croissant. Most of us Laker fans were just waiting until we played a real NBA team so that we have something to be excited about. Gotta go swimming now. Where's that darn sunscreen? (BIG WAVE) DAVE MIZRAHI, Malibu
September 12, 1991
In response to "An Open Letter to Jerry Lewis: The Disabled Need Dignity, Not Pity," Opinion, Sept. 1: Ben Mattlin's bitter, critical diatribe against Lewis and his work for the Muscular Dystrophy Assn. is abhorrent. In keeping with this hateful spate, he demands a financial accounting, not because such an accounting is a legitimate requirement, but because after all the money Lewis' telethon has raised, "why has it taken so long to find a cure . . . ." Well, get in line--right behind cancer.
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