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July 14, 2005
Reading "Apathy keeps me pretty busy" by Peter Mehlman (Opinion, July 11) had me laughing after the first paragraph and kept me laughing all the way through. It was refreshing to read a deliberately humorous article in the midst of all the weighty problems of the world. It made my day. Lois Vackar Huntington Beach Not having an opinion is an opinion. Gary A. Jones Long Beach
March 26, 2014
Re “Jonah Goldberg,” Opinion, March 25 Six words in the lower right corner of the Opinion section brightened a gloomy morning: “Jonah Goldberg has the day off.” Tom Turnley Santa Ana More letters to the editor ...  
April 30, 2005
Re "Objectivity Is Highly Overrated," Commentary, April 24: Victor Navasky contradicts the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who said we are all entitled to our opinions, but not our own facts. Navasky and historian Christopher Lasch to the contrary, information is both the foundation and byproduct of debate. Debate must start from valid facts to serve a public purpose. Debate can then focus further search for fact. Without grounding in fact, opinion is simply noise that confuses the marketplace of ideas.
November 24, 1985
Regarding bag people and restrooms (Nov. 15): To take away this facility without first providing another as adequate is, in my opinion, unjust and discriminatory. N.J. MIKUS Westminster
May 6, 1990
I strongly protest the move of "China Beach" from Wednesday to Monday. The show's fans certainly were not given a chance to voice our opinion on the shift. Mrs. Earl F. Skinner, Whittier
February 6, 2005
Why all the upset about editorial cartoons on the front of the Opinion section? Roman Genn's clever piece of satire (Jan. 30) reminds us that words alone, no matter how honestly written, forceful or eloquent, have done little to affect American opinion on the crucial issues of our times, as evidenced by George W. Bush's reelection and the seemingly relentless march of his incredibly incompetent presidency. (The only thing missing in Genn's piece was Condoleezza Rice being slapped upside the head by Barbara Boxer.
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