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July 10, 2004
Thank you, Neal Gabler for a sane, reasoned analysis of the difference between fair and so-called balanced journalism ("Moore's Ax Falls on a Derelict Media Too," Commentary, July 7). I believe there is a right-wing plot to take over so-called reporting of "news," in particular the television and radio networks and outlets, from which much of our population gets its information; witness the screaming heads of Fox News and the suppression of a program such as Ted Koppel's "Nightline" for reading the names of our children killed in Iraq.
November 28, 2002 | From Associated Press
A state Supreme Court justice given to writing opinions in rhyme was criticized by two fellow justices who said his style reflected poorly on the court. Seven stanzas from Justice J. Michael Eakin, and complaints about them from Chief Justice Stephen A. Zappala and Justice Ralph Cappy, appeared in a decision Wednesday involving a dispute concerning a prenuptial agreement.
July 24, 2005
Liberalism's failure to be heard is due not to corporate ownership but to elitist views like those expressed by James D. Squires in his review of "A Matter of Opinion" by Victor S. Navasky [Book Review, July 10]. As long as liberals continue to characterize those who disagree with them with words like "moronization," blame their impotence on "the dominance of multinational corporations" (as opposed to multinational anti-democratic, anti-capitalist movements?) and believe that politicians need journals of opinion to "know what to think or say," they will continue their self-marginalization.
June 26, 2013 | By Michael McGough
One of the most annoying habits of some of my liberal friends is their casual derogation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas is derided not just as an extremist, which is true when you plot the legal philosophies of the justices along a spectrum, but also a clone of Antonin Scalia and an intellectual lightweight. The latter two accusations are just false. Thomas and Scalia have disagreed in significant cases, and Thomas' opinions, however idiosyncratic, are often tightly reasoned and provocative.
July 14, 2005
Reading "Apathy keeps me pretty busy" by Peter Mehlman (Opinion, July 11) had me laughing after the first paragraph and kept me laughing all the way through. It was refreshing to read a deliberately humorous article in the midst of all the weighty problems of the world. It made my day. Lois Vackar Huntington Beach Not having an opinion is an opinion. Gary A. Jones Long Beach
September 27, 1987
If Sheinbaum's influence is diminishing, why then is his endorsement still the plum for which many candidates vie, and his opinion of both issues and candidates regularly sought by a significant number of individuals and groups? Venette Hill Hermosa Beach
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