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January 5, 2006 | Roy Rivenburg, Times Staff Writer
IT'S like stepping into a giant attic. Wander through the cluttered shops of downtown Orange and you'll stumble across creaky suits of armor, Rosie the robot cookie jars, 1950s gasoline pumps, glow-in-the-dark Frankenstein dolls and other nostalgia. But there's more to Old Towne Orange these days than antiques.
December 16, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The Sierra Club has filed a lawsuit challenging last month's City Council approval of a plan to build as many as 4,000 homes in the rural canyons east of Orange. Among other allegations, the action, filed Wednesday, alleges the city did not properly assess the environmental impact of the plan, under which the Irvine Co. would build on some of the last undeveloped land in the county. A company spokesman said Thursday that the lawsuit didn't contain any issues of substance.
December 14, 2005
A driver was killed Tuesday morning when he was impaled by a guardrail after his car veered off the road near the intersection of Serrano Avenue and Orange Park Boulevard, Orange police said. The unidentified 33-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene. Sgt. Dan Adams said the car went up onto a sidewalk and crashed through the barrier, causing a portion of the guardrail to break off and strike him.
December 2, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
An unmarked Orange County sheriff's vehicle that disappeared from a jail parking lot more than a week ago is presumed stolen, officials said Thursday. Lt. Hans Strand said the white, four-door 2001 Ford Crown Victoria was last seen Nov. 23 in an unsecured area of the Theo Lacy Jail parking lot on The City Drive South. Its government license plate is E1096061, and it has 1378 decaled in 2-inch gold numbers on its rear left and right front windows.
November 12, 2005 | Claire Luna, Times Staff Writer
Four suspected immigrant smugglers are now in custody after police freed three Mexican citizens allegedly being held for ransom at a house in Orange, authorities said. Unlike a similar incident in May 2004 in which 79 illegal immigrants were found crammed into a single-story Canoga Park house, no other captives were being held at the West Sycamore Avenue home.
November 10, 2005 | Daniel Yi, Times Staff Writer
The Orange City Council's unanimous approval of the Irvine Co.'s plan to build nearly 4,000 homes in the foothills east of the city marks a milestone in the county's steady march toward urbanization, planning experts said Wednesday. The decision late Tuesday sets the development blueprint for 6,800 acres stretching from the eastern edge of Orange toward Silverado Canyon -- one of the three remaining large parcels of land slated for development in Orange County.
November 9, 2005 | From Times Staff and Wire Reports
The Orange City Council late Tuesday continued to deliberate the fate of 6,800 acres of rural canyons east of the city where the Irvine Co. proposes to build nearly 4,000 homes. The hotly contested proposal covers one of the last swaths of privately owned open space in Orange County. The City Council began reviewing the plans a month ago, starting with public comments, and has considered it at four consecutive meetings. The Irvine Co.'
October 27, 2005 | Daniel Yi, Times Staff Writer
The Irvine Co. has offered to eliminate 50 of about 4,000 homes it is proposing to build in the canyons east of Orange, in some of the last large swaths of undeveloped land in Orange County. The offer came Tuesday as the Orange City Council deliberated about the company's development plan for the third time in a month. The council is expected to take up the issue again Nov. 8 and possibly vote.
October 26, 2005 | Dave McKibben and Daniel Yi, Times Staff Writers
The Anaheim City Council unanimously gave the go-ahead Tuesday to plans for A-Town, the centerpiece of the largest proposed urban revitalization in Orange County with 11 residential high-rises near Angel Stadium. At the same time, Orange council members continued deliberating over one of the county's last major residential developments, in the Santa Ana Mountains.
October 25, 2005 | David Reyes, Times Staff Writer
A supporter of the Irvine Co.'s proposed residential development in East Orange who spoke last month before the Orange City Council acknowledged Monday that the company helped her prepare her remarks. Tammy Warren, an Orange resident and part-time public affairs executive with the Orange County Transportation Authority, acknowledged having had e-mail communications with an Irvine Co. vice president before her remarks on Sept. 27.
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