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Orange Juice

April 21, 2011
  Norwegian orange cake Total time: 1 hour, 15 minutes plus cooling time Servings: 10 to 16 Note: Candied orange peel is generally available at gourmet and cooking supply stores, as well as at select well-stocked markets. Our recipes, your kitchen: If you try this or any other recipe from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen, we would like to know about it so we can showcase it on our food blog and occasionally in print. Upload pictures of the finished dish here.
July 7, 1988
An orange juice carton that had been tampered with was found on a west San Fernando Valley supermarket shelf for the third time in as many days. In the cases this week, 64-ounce cartons of orange juice were found with notes indicating that their contents may have been contaminated. The notes were attached to the cartons with needles from hypodermic syringes, Los Angeles police said.
June 8, 1989
Easy Pork Chop Saute can be made in just minutes and slices of sauteed bananas make it irresistible. Cooking bananas lightly in a hot skillet gives them an entirely new character. Combining with chops that were simmered in a curry powder, cumin and orange juice mixture, adds an exotic touch. Choose firm bananas with a hint of green at the tip for cooking. They will hold their texture and are not too sweet. Store ripe bananas in the refrigerator for a week or slightly more. The peels may darken, but inside, the fruit is good and fresh.
October 5, 1990 | From Times Wire Services
Kirin Brewery said today it will establish a joint venture with Tropicana Products to market orange juice and frozen fruit products in Japan. Kirin, Japan's leading brewer, said the new company will begin marketing Tropicana 100% orange juice and frozen items in the Tokyo metropolitan area in March. The company tentatively is called Kirin-Tropicana. Florida-based Tropicana, the largest U.S. orange juice maker, will be an equal partner in the venture. The deal will enable Kirin to add U.S.
September 22, 1992 | JACK SEARLES
Procter & Gamble's decision to discontinue its Citrus Hill Orange Juice brand won't affect employment at the company's Oxnard plant, spokesman Henry J. Racine said. Some employees at the paper products unit in Oxnard processed the juice, but these workers will be transferred to other jobs in the same plant, he said. Procter & Gamble announced last week that it will drop its orange juice brand to concentrate on Hawaiian Punch and other juice mixes.
April 29, 2010 | By Noelle Carter, Los Angeles Times
Dear SOS: I ordered the warm quinoa salad at Fig Restaurant in Santa Monica a couple months ago during DineLA and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I would love to have the recipe. Please help! Thuy Hua Los Angeles Dear Thuy: Fig Restaurant was happy to share its recipe for this warm, colorful salad, which we've adapted below. Warm quinoa salad Total time: About 1 hour Servings: 4 Note: Adapted from Fig Restaurant.
March 17, 2011
  Hamantaschen with poppyseed filling Total time: 6 1/2 hours; much of it is chilling time Servings: This makes about 3 dozen hamantaschen Note: You can buy poppyseeds in bulk at kosher, Eastern European and Middle Eastern markets. Creamy poppyseed filling with raisins Our recipes, your kitchen: If you try any of the L.A. Times Test Kitchen recipes from this week's Food section, please share it with us: Click here to upload pictures of the finished dish.
July 6, 1988 | Associated Press
Tropicana Products Inc. has sued the Coca-Cola Co. over labeling and advertising claims for its "premium choice" pasteurized Minute Maid orange juice. Tropicana contends that the description on the side panel of the Minute Maid container and ads depicting the juice as "100% pure Florida orange juice straight from the orange" are false and deceptive under an appellate ruling in a 6-year-old case. Coca-Cola representatives did not immediately return calls seeking comment.
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