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May 8, 2000
It seems unfortunate that in order to make his point about the importance of the "here and now"--something, incidentally, never neglected in good therapy--Phillip McGraw ("The Doc Says Analysis, Schmalysis," March 14) finds it necessary to denigrate analysis, a method that has proven useful in improving the quality of life for so many people. McGraw is clearly not interested in understanding the origin of relationship difficulties in order to prevent them for future generations as well as ameliorate them in the present.
October 18, 1992
David Gritten's article "Voyage of Celebrity" (Oct. 4), about the career of Gerard Depardieu and his film about Columbus, was well-written and accurate on most counts but was totally misinformed about one central historic issue. Gritten criticizes Depardieu for not knowing more about Columbus when it is, in fact, the reporter who is ignorant of Columbus' origins. Unlike the simplistic black-and-white history textbooks used in most U.S. schools, Europeans and Latin Americans debate, to this day, whether Columbus was Italian or Spanish.
October 4, 2012 | By Brian Cronin
BOXING URBAN LEGEND : The term "the real McCoy" derived from a famous 19th-century boxer called Kid McCoy. The world of sports is rife with colloquialisms, many of which eventually work their way into our everyday lives. When something is easily achieved, it is a "slam dunk. " If you stick up for someone, you "go to bat" for them. When negotiating, you often tell the other side that "the ball is in their court now. " Adapting sports terminology to everyday usage is so common now that often phrases that have nothing to do with sports are given alleged origins related to sports, particularly when the real origin of the phrase is murky.
February 4, 2006 | Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff Writer
The oldest remains of African slaves in the New World have been identified in a graveyard in Campeche, Mexico -- skeletons dating from the late 16th century, about 100 years after Christopher Columbus set sail for the New World. The use of African slaves by Spanish conquistadors has been known through writings dating from the period, but the skeletons represent the first scientific evidence confirming the practice at such an early date.
April 11, 1995
I read with horror and shame about the plight of U.N. troops from the Third World. Being born in Bangladesh, the indignities suffered by the Bangladeshis in the Bosnian pocket of Bihac was particularly distressing to me. What exactly will the U.N. do in the future to avert such situations? The soldiers from the Third World provide a valuable service to the United Nation's objective of keeping peace in the world. By treating these soldiers as third-class world citizens the U.N. is not only abrogating its principles of equality in its charter, but risks undermining its credibility in places like Bosnia, where it is absolutely critical to maintain the value of human lives regardless of ethnicity and national origin.
July 26, 1986 | GARY JARLSON, Times Staff Writer
A fire that destroyed a Westminster shopping center early Wednesday morning was intentionally set, authorities said Friday. "It was an arson, and it did originate in the Wai Wai supermarket," Fire Chief Dwayne Scott said. "Flammable liquids were used to start it." Scott's announcement about the origin of the blaze, which caused an estimated $1.5 million in damage to the six-unit commercial complex at 9121 Bolsa Ave., followed a two-day investigation by U.S.
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