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March 27, 2007
Re "Russia's playing ball -- will we?" Opinion, March 22 How sweet the word "independence" is. Make no mistake: Just after independence is granted, Kosovo will declare itself a part of Albania. Just after independence is granted, Abkhazia and South Ossetia will declare themselves a part of Russia. Dimitri K. Simes is right -- we look first at the interests of the U.S. The core issue is: Whose support in foreign affairs do we need more -- Russia's or Albania's? As Simes says, "It's clear which track is best for U.S. interests."
November 14, 2006 | From Times Wire Reports
Georgia's South Ossetia region overwhelmingly endorsed a split with the government in Tbilisi, with 99% of about 50,000 voters voting "yes" in a referendum, election officials reported. Before the vote, the hawkish Georgian defense minister was removed in the strongest sign yet that Tbilisi wants to ease a bitter standoff with the separatists and their Russian backers.
September 3, 2004 | Kim Murphy, Times Staff Writer
Sporadic gunfire rang out Thursday from a school where armed militants held hundreds of children and teachers hostage, but the attackers released 26 women and children and Russian officials conducted their first face-to-face negotiations with the guerrillas in an attempt to end the crisis. As thousands of family members milled in tense uncertainty outside the cordon around the North Ossetia middle school, there were fears that the two-day standoff would end in violence.
August 2, 2003 | David Holley, Times Staff Writer
A suicide bomber driving a truck rigged with explosives blasted a Russian military hospital near separatist Chechnya on Friday, killing at least 29 people amid a fresh upsurge of violence in the region, authorities said. Hundreds more were reported wounded, scores seriously, in the attack in Mozdok in the Russian republic of North Ossetia, an area used as a base for Russian forces fighting in Chechnya. Rescuers were still searching for about 13 people in the rubble, emergency officials said.
Gunmen on horseback ambushed and killed a special envoy sent by President Boris N. Yeltsin to administer a conflict-racked zone in the Russian Caucasus, Moscow authorities announced Monday. The unknown assassins hid behind bushes and shot Viktor P. Polyanichko at close range as his motorcade drove through a forest Sunday afternoon near the village of Tarskoye in North Ossetia. They then galloped away. Killed with him were Russian army Maj. Gen. Anatoly G.
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