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August 23, 1986
In the Aug. 16 Viewpoint, Ed Smith states: "There aren't any drug problems or gambling associated with pro wrestling." Right on one point, wrong on the other. Anyone over the age of 10 who watches pro wrestling has to be zonked out of his gourd on something to watch such puerile trash. Of course there is no gambling since the outcome of every match is easily predictable and the result is arranged before the match starts. LANNY R. MIDDINGS San Ramon
April 11, 2014 | Bill Dwyre
LAS VEGAS - They are asking all the wrong people here to predict the outcome of Saturday night's fight between Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley. Sportswriters? Are you kidding? This analysis demands a bit more depth than arguing the merits of the designated hitter. Too bad Sigmund Freud has departed us. His insights into these two fighters could be both learned and insightful. In the blue corner, from the Philippines, is the congressman from the Sarangani district, Manny Pacquiao, with a record of 55-5-2 and 38 knockouts.
December 10, 2012 | By Lisa Dillman
Acceptable or exceptional? There are several degrees of separation possible for the Clippers as they start a potentially troublesome four-game trip Tuesday. The Clippers will hopscotch through the Midwest and Southeast with two games in two nights at Chicago and Charlotte and then have two days off before playing in Milwaukee and finishing in Detroit. Reserve guard Jamal Crawford was experienced enough not to offer an exact definition of what would be a satisfactory outcome of the trip.
March 8, 2014 | By Steve Galluzzo
The sequel turned out to be just as exciting as the original, but it featured a different ending. After last year's memorable meeting in the City Section Division I boys' basketball championship game, Westchester and Woodland Hills El Camino Real returned to the same court for the rematch Saturday night at L.A. Southwest College. Under first-year Coach Joe Wyatt, the second-seeded Conquistadores took an eight-point lead into the fourth quarter and hung on for a 58-56 victory that avenged last season's six-point defeat.
November 24, 1996
Regarding "Companies Cheer State Voters' New Attitude" (Nov. 7): Julie Pitta and James Flanigan are in a different universe if they believe that the outcome of the pro-business propositions was due to "a healthy level of sophistication." The majority of the voters in California were brainwashed by out-and-out lies about the effects of propositions such as 211, 213, 214 and 216, promoted by the tens of millions of dollars' worth of advertising provided by pro-business and anti-consumer-rights organizations.
March 2, 2002
So Bill Plaschke has been voted 2001 California sportswriter of the year. Can you assure me that a French judge had nothing to do with the outcome? Robert McArthur Mar Vista
October 13, 1985
"Family Ties Vacation" was an embarrassment. Not only was it unfunny, it was unrealistic. I don't watch "Family Ties" to see the Keatons involved in international espionage antics and being followed by a pair of bumbling Soviet idiots more suited to "Gilligan's Island." The only redeeming factor was Mallory's romantic interest, but I never saw the outcome of that because, frustrated, I turned off the set. No writer who was involved with this fiasco has any reason to be proud. The producers and cast should never have accepted such a trite script.
April 27, 1991
How many players must be injured before the NHL decides to abolish the so-called "third-period/overtime" rule book? The Kings-Oilers playoff series has been marred by the officials' refusal to make any call except for coincidental penalties late in the game, presumably to let the outcome of the game be decided by the players, not the referee. The official who does his job properly does not have any effect on the outcome of the game as it is the players who commit the infractions and their teams suffer the consequences.
August 4, 1996
I missed the part where they explained why it was OK for the gold-medal final of an "Olympic" sport (men's beach volleyball) to be decided between the USA and the USA. What possible interest could there be in a contest whose outcome was known in advance? STU HARRIS San Diego
June 28, 1996
Four young men at a Hollywood "rave" party passed around a water container they believed held a drug early Thursday morning and drank what turned out to be pure lye, authorities said. The four, whose ages ranged from 16 to 20, fell unconscious a short time later, and three were in respiratory arrest when they arrived by ambulance at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, said Los Angeles Police Lt. Bernie Larralde. The fourth was conscious but incoherent and was taken to Kaiser Permanente hospital.
February 21, 2014 | By Richard Winton, James Rainey and Ari Bloomekatz
The Dodgers organization says it is "pleased" that the two men who severely beat San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at a game in Los Angeles in 2011 were sentenced to prison Thursday after admitting guilt in the assault. "We are pleased that the culpable parties have finally accepted responsibility for their actions and have been sentenced for their crimes," the Dodgers said in a statement . Marvin Norwood and Louie Sanchez, both of Rialto, pleaded guilty Thursday to the attack.
January 30, 2014 | By Jared S. Hopkins
Jack Mortell leaned in and his eyes widened at the scenario he dreamed up: Who would win if all the gold medalists in speedskating from the upcoming Winter Olympics faced off against one another? "I think people would want to know, don't you?" Mortell asked, grinning. "I think that kind of race would generate some interest. " Fans may find out. In May, Mortell and well-heeled investors plan to launch Ice Derby, an entertainment ice show centered on a professional speedskating tour and featuring figure skating and ice dancing.
January 17, 2014 | By Mike James
If I hear one more time in a talk-radio discussion that Peyton Manning's legacy will be tainted if he can't win another Super Bowl, my head might explode. Peyton Manning has nothing left to prove. Period. His legacy is established at least as one of the best quarterbacks ever to play in the NFL. You can make an argument that he is the best. What he did during the regular season defies description. Fifty-five touchdown passes, 5,477 passing yards, a 115.1 quarterback rating, for a 37-year-old quarterback after his fourth neck surgery?
December 7, 2013 | BILL SHAIKIN
The team had won 71 games, finishing a distant fourth in the American League West. The fans had gotten impatient. The best player in free agency had decided this would be all about the money, and that fourth-place team got him with a blowout bid. In 2000, that team was the Texas Rangers. They signed Alex Rodriguez for $252 million, won 73 games the following year, and dumped him on the New York Yankees two years later. On Friday, that team was the Seattle Mariners. They agreed to sign Robinson Cano for $240 million.
November 24, 2013 | By Gary Klein
With USC riding a five-game winning streak going into its game against UCLA, Trojans interim Coach Ed Orgeron was upbeat Sunday. That is until he was asked what he remembered most about last season's 38-28 loss to the Bruins. Orgeron sounded morose as he spoke in clipped sentences and phrases. "Getting beat. Losing. Terrible taste in our mouth," he said during a teleconference with reporters. "Against our rival team. Not playing well. Letting down the Trojan family. Not a very good feeling.
November 15, 2013 | By Gary Klein
A sellout crowd, the first of the season at the Coliseum, will be on hand to see whether USC can end its four-game losing streak against Stanford. Staff writer Gary Klein examines the story lines: On the edge The spotlight will be on the skill-position players, but keep an eye on USC offensive tackles Chad Wheeler and Kevin Graf. Their performances could determine the Trojans' fate on offense. Wheeler is a redshirt freshman, Graf a three-year starter who came back last week from an ankle injury.
December 21, 2009
Key: Jerome Harrison scored his third touchdown with 44 seconds left and rushed for a team-record 286 yards, and Joshua Cribbs returned kickoffs 100 and 103 yards for touchdowns, the seventh and eighth of his career. That breaks the record of six held by five others. Browns said: "For the past two, three weeks, Josh and I have had a personal [competition] against each other. He set the tempo and set it pretty high, but I told him at halftime, 'I'm going to get you.' " -- Harrison Chiefs said: "Disappointing outcome with very clear-cut reasons for the outcome, starting with special teams."
January 26, 1990
It disturbs me to hear some of the jurors say that they know in their hearts that children were molested at the McMartin Pre-School, and then to learn the outcome of the trial. Either the prosecution did its job correctly, or it didn't. RONALD WEBSTER Long Beach
October 30, 2013 | By The Times editorial board
JPMorgan Chase is trying to reach a multibillion-dollar deal with the federal government to settle allegations of securities fraud - based largely on claims against two failing banks it rescued during the crisis at Washington's behest. The settlement apparently hinges on whether JPMorgan will be allowed to tap a government fund to cover some of the cost of the government's claims. If so, that would be a truly perverse outcome. The government's case stems from the sale of mortgage-backed securities - bundles of home loans that lenders didn't want to keep on their books - that failed spectacularly after the housing bubble burst.
October 18, 2013 | Bill Dwyre
SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Even if they didn't have any other reason, USC and Notre Dame should play football every year just so we can tell John McKay stories. He coached the Trojans from 1960-75 and you don't need a record book to know he was successful. Just wander onto the USC campus. There you will find a $70-millon state-of-the-art athletic facility named the John McKay Center. At the south entrance is a statue of a man, his hand on his chin as if pondering his next one-liner. Legends get statues.
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