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December 1, 2009 | Dan Neil
Outdoor-gear retailing giant REI this week rolled out its first-ever TV commercials as part of its seasonal "Find Out" campaign. I think the retailer just walked off a cliff. Let me explain. Unless I crash into it with a helium balloon, I'm never going to make it to the top of Mt. Everest. I'm never going to dangle by pitons on the Great Trango Wall in Pakistan. I develop hypothermia just reaching into the back of the refrigerator. Yet I have enough pro expedition gear in the garage to mount an assault on K2. Snowshoes, ice axes, climbing helmets, plastic mountaineering boots and wicking-action underwear sufficient to dry up the Red Sea. Why?
May 18, 2013 | By Jessica Q. Ogilvie
As more people get their health information from TV and the Internet, it becomes crucial to have experts on the small screen who can provide accurate information. That's where Travis Stork, co-host of the TV show "The Doctors," comes in. Stork, an emergency room physician, is passionate about educating the public on how to prevent the illnesses that bring so many people in to see him in a crisis. Here, Stork, a onetime contestant on "The Bachelor," talks about getting outdoors, redefining fast food and using television as a positive influence.
March 26, 2010 | By Jim Tankersley
Voicing concerns that Americans are losing their connection with nature -- and that natural areas are falling victim to sprawl and pollution -- the White House will invite hundreds of sportsmen, environmentalists and other champions of the outdoors to Washington next month for a summit on conservation. The White House Conference on America's Great Outdoors, on April 16, will focus on how to conserve the land with local leadership, as opposed to a heavy federal government role, administration officials will announce Friday.
August 31, 2013 | By Salvador Rodriguez
It's not everyday you get to beat up a television set and soak it with water guns for the sake of a review, but that's exactly what I did. But I wasn't testing just any television set -- I was messing with a model by SunBriteTV, a Thousand Oaks company that specializes in TVs built for the outdoors. SunBriteTV has been making outdoor TVs since 2004, and it sells its sets to regular consumers for their homes as well as to large companies. You may have already come across some of its sets.
July 10, 2013 | By Craig Nakano
You might not expect one of the world's premiere furniture designers to jet from Munich to Los Angeles so that he could focus his creative genius on the office cubicle, but that is essentially what brought Konstantin Grcic to California recently, at least in part. The German designer paused to chat at the Culver City office of Vitra before moving on to visit tech companies in the Bay Area. The goal: to rethink office furniture, dreaming up new physical environments that reflect how a new generation of employees conceive, collaborate and innovate.
March 9, 2004
My usual enjoyment of Outdoors was shattered by the intrusion of politics in the "Buds of a Feather" (March 2) article that was framed with the Vice President Dick Cheney-Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia hunting controversy. Please make Outdoors a politics-free zone. Glynn Morris Playa del Rey Our peace by the meadow was shattered by the moron who carped endlessly about a political scandal in a natural environment thousands of miles away, consuming a page of our sacred Outdoors supplement.
November 18, 2003
Outdoors, the snare'm, hook'm, shoot'm, kill'm mag for unevolved machismo. Michele Mooney Van Nuys
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