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April 11, 1986
Once again outrage and hilarity, those two perennial front-runners in any political event, have finished in a dead heat with Pete Schabarum's proposal for a Ronald Reagan National Forest. The only thing I have heard this year sillier than this proposition is the "reason" Schabarum gives for it--Reagan's alleged "love of the outdoors." Let's face reality, Mr. Schabarum. The only time Ronald Reagan loves the outdoors is when it is, in John Muir's memorable expression, "dollarable."
August 20, 2005
Only Gary Bettman's NHL could take a sport that has played one game outdoors in decades and land it on the Outdoor Life Network. By losing its place on ESPN, the NHL apparently ranks behind bass fishing, poker and really bad Bobby Knight movies in anticipated ratings. MEL POWELL Sherman Oaks
February 10, 2004
I have been begging my wife for years to cancel the Los Angeles Times because it's a leftist rag. Since discovering Outdoors, I no longer encourage her to do so. I particularly enjoy the hiking articles and The Guide. Dennis Kuntz Covina
February 1, 2005
Your recent idea ["Outside Pursuits," Jan. 25] suggesting that kids collect stuff they find while exploring the outdoors is not a good idea. I teach my kids to leave what they find so their kids will have something to experience. As the saying goes: Take only pictures, leave only footprints. Bill Vanderberg Inglewood
July 10, 1988
What a surprise to read the Travel Section on June 26 and see Harry Ellis of Adventure Outdoors on top of Jerry Hulse's Travel Tips. I recently returned from a most wonderful backpacking trip with Ellis in Washington's Olympic National Park. Ellis knows his subject, the Pacific Northwest (and Alaska), and is an unusual mixture of detail man, gourmet cook and all-around fun person. Also, he is accommodating and very creative. As you mentioned, he has all kinds of wonderful trips, large and small, all of which are moderately priced and personal.
November 6, 2002
Re "A Comforting Spouse Could Turn Out to Be a Real Pain," Nov. 4: Someone please tell me how many thousands of dollars went into this ridiculous research project. Apparently, our neuroscientists needed conclusive evidence that the spouse who coddles, babies and mollifies his or her significant other might be worsening or prolonging the condition. I wonder how this analysis was made. I can just see the project specs now: During successive "Monday Night Football" games, spouse A developed a spontaneous, crippling leg cramp when asked to take out the garbage by spouse B. Those spouse Bs who acceded the point found no garbage was dispatched outdoors for approximately 3.5 hours, or four quarters of the game.
August 3, 2004
I now realize why the L.A. Times' Outdoors section has a different slant, flavor, viewpoint. It's all written by women. There's no testosterone. No male attitude. Women are good word wizards, but they are not experienced in the macho outdoor stuff. They haven't been there and more important, they don't want to go there. Turning words, sipping latte is not duck hunting. Pete 'Jackpot' Balwan Glendale
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